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  1. Higher education students are heavy users of the internet for a wide variety of reasons, including Social Networking Sites (SNSs). This study investigated various purposes of internet use among undergraduate u...

    Authors: Yasaman Hashemi, Fariba Zarani, Mahmood Heidari and Khatereh Borhani
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:80
  2. Children of incarcerated parents run a high risk of poor health and own delinquency and positive parenting is vital for their healthy development. Internationally, parenting interventions for incarcerated pare...

    Authors: Åsa Norman, Simon Swahnström, Natalia Ulfsdotter Karlström and Pia Enebrink
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:79
  3. The effects of problem gambling are wide-ranging, affecting many aspects of health and negatively impacting the person who gambles, their family and friends, and their community. People experiencing problem ga...

    Authors: Kathy S. Bond, Fairlie A. Cottrill, Amy J. Morgan, Kathryn J. Chalmers, Julia N. Lyons, Alyssia Rossetto, Claire M. Kelly, Louise Kelly, Nicola J. Reavley and Anthony F. Jorm
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:78
  4. Sleep and mental wellbeing are intimately linked. This relationship is particularly important to understand as it emerges over childhood. Here we take the opportunity that the COVID-19 pandemic, and resulting ...

    Authors: Victoria C. P. Knowland, Elaine van Rijn, M. Gareth Gaskell and Lisa Henderson
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:76
  5. Homelessness is increasing among young adults in large cities. According to the United Nations, there are more than one billion absolute or relative homeless people in the world. This study was conducted to ex...

    Authors: Fatemeh Johari, Abedin Iranpour, Mahlagha Dehghan, Somayeh Alizadeh, Mansoure Safizadeh and Hamid Sharifi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:75
  6. The COVID-19 disease has changed people’s work and income. While recent evidence has documented the adverse impact of these changes on mental health outcomes, most research is focused on frontline healthcare w...

    Authors: Mario Alberto Trógolo, Luciana Sofía Moretti and Leonardo Adrián Medrano
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:73
  7. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), progressive muscular atrophy (PMA) and primary lateral sclerosis (PLS), together referred to as ALS, are life-limiting diagnoses affecting not only patients but also the fa...

    Authors: Marion Sommers-Spijkerman, Neele Rave, Esther Kruitwagen-van Reenen, Johanna M. A. Visser-Meily, Melinda S. Kavanaugh and Anita Beelen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:72
  8. Community and cultural engagement can support recovery, help symptom management and increase social connections for people with lived experience of mental health conditions. However, research suggests that peo...

    Authors: Louise Baxter, Alexandra Burton and Daisy Fancourt
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:71
  9. Depressive and anxiety disorders share major risk factors and can often be effectively prevented or treated with similar interventions. However, less than half of young people with mental health problems seek ...

    Authors: Sigurd Lauridsen, Maj Britt Dahl Nielsen, Amalie Oxholm Kusier, Camilla Øst Cloos, Marie Pil Jensen, Susan Andersen, Lau Casper Thygesen and Anna Paldam Folker
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:70
  10. There is no valid and reliable tool to measure COVID-19 healthcare stress felt by healthcare students. A scale was developed to assess COVID-19 stress in healthcare students and its psychometrics was examined.

    Authors: Nayereh Baghcheghi, Mehdi Mesri, Mahmood Karimi, Shoaleh Bigdeli and Hamid Reza Koohestani
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:68
  11. Working memory is a limited capacity system that stores and processes information over short time periods and is essential for learning new information. Some studies have investigated the associations between ...

    Authors: Kate E. Mooney, Kate E. Pickett, Katy Shire, Richard J. Allen and Amanda H. Waterman
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:67
  12. In times of a pandemic, not only infections but also conspiracy narratives spread among people. These have the potential to influence the course of the pandemic. Here we summarize and critically evaluate studi...

    Authors: Tilli Ripp and Jan Philipp Röer
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:66
  13. Inflammatory markers have been associated with depression and anxiety disorder in adolescents. Less is known about the association between inflammation and subclinical symptoms in the form of psychological dis...

    Authors: Jonas Linkas, Luai Awad Ahmed, Gabor Csifcsak, Nina Emaus, Anne-Sofie Furberg, Guri Grimnes, Gunn Pettersen, Kamilla Rognmo and Tore Christoffersen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:65

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Psychology 2022 10:102

  14. Owing to the direct impact of total hip arthroplasty (THA) on health-related quality of life (HRQOL) and the higher prevalence of THA in the elderly, this study aimed to compare HRQOL before, and after THA in ...

    Authors: Aida Moarrefzadeh, Arash Sarveazad, Mehdi Mohammadpour, Mohammad Zareinejad, Mansour Bahardoust, Karim Pisoudeh, Sara Asgarian, Jebreil Shamseddin and Hasan toghraei Semiromi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:64
  15. Acromegaly is a chronic disease significantly affects the physical, emotional, and health-related aspects of patients' life. This study aimed to validate the Acromegaly Quality of Life Questionnaire (AcroQoL) ...

    Authors: Mina Danaei, Leyla Bahadorizadeh, Afsaneh Dehnad, Shirin Mohamadzadeh, Nahid Hashemi-Madani and Mohammad E. Khamseh
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:63
  16. An insecure attachment style is an important risk factor for psychological problems. The aim of this study was to use Bartholomew and Horowitz’s model (Bartholomew and Horowitz in J Pers Soc Psychol 61(2): 226...

    Authors: Laura Vismara, Loredana Lucarelli and Cristina Sechi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:62
  17. Compassionate love is beneficial in a variety of domains, including in education, health, and law, as well as in people’s personal lives. The topic of compassionate love has therefore attracted growing interes...

    Authors: Zahra Hajiheydari, Abbas Abdollahi, Saade Abdalkareem Jasim, Tawfeeq Abdulameer Hashim Alghazali, Supat Chupradit, Caomhán McGlinchey and Kelly A. Allen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:61
  18. The present study investigated the psychometric properties of the newly developed English version of the Giessen Subjective Complaint List-8 (GBB-8), a questionnaire assessing psychosomatic symptoms with regar...

    Authors: Katja Petrowski, Markus Zenger, Bjarne Schmalbach, Christina Diane Bastianon and Bernhard Strauss
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:60
  19. The construct of meaningful work (MW) has become the subject of various studies. Workers who experience MW have higher career and organizational commitment, report fewer days absent, and are characterized by a...

    Authors: Georgina Csordás, Balázs Matuszka, Viola Sallay and Tamás Martos
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:56
  20. In line with the significance of organizational commitment, the question arises "Do spiritual health and psychological well-being optimize teachers' organizational commitment?" The purpose of this study was to...

    Authors: Morteza Heidari, Mohammad Ali HoseinPour, Maryam Ardebili and Sadegh Yoosefee
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:55
  21. There is evidence that experiencing childhood trauma and life stressors across the lifespan together with lower resilience is associated with chronic pain-related conditions. The aim of this study was to explo...

    Authors: Natalia Kascakova, Jana Furstova, Radek Trnka, Jozef Hasto, Andrea Madarasova Geckova and Peter Tavel
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:54
  22. Despite successful functional neurosurgery, patients suffering from epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease may experience postoperative psychological distress and social maladjustments. Difficulties in coping with po...

    Authors: Michalina Radomska, João Flores Alves dos Santos, Kerstin Weber, Marc Baertschi, Pierre R. Burkhard, François Herrmann, Sanaâ Belayachi, Nicolas Favez and Alessandra Canuto
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:53
  23. The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate the reliability and validity of self-efficacy and intentions measures for time spent in nature (TSN). TSN is related to improvement in psychological well-b...

    Authors: Jay E. Maddock, Courtney Suess, Gregory N. Bratman, Carissa Smock, Debra Kellstedt, Jeanette Gustat, Cynthia K. Perry and Andrew T. Kaczynski
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:51
  24. Unpleasant experiences of dysmenorrhea can lead to increased anxiety. The anxiety associated with dysmenorrhea is a pain-related anxiety which might reduce the efficacy of medication as well as enhance the per...

    Authors: Sahar Valedi, Mohammad MoradiBaglooei, Mehdi Ranjbaran, Venus Chegini, Mark D. Griffiths and Zainab Alimoradi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:50
  25. Medical schools throughout the world were forced to modify their programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Malaysia, virtual learning plans were implemented for non-clinical programming, while clinical post...

    Authors: Jessica Grace Cockburn, Chee Yang Tan, Dawn Celine Siaw Chern Poh, Ding Jun Tan, Chan Choong Foong and Wei-Han Hong
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:49
  26. Achievement motivation research has established that motivational factors predict academic affect, cognition, and behavior. Recent studies have shown that trait mindfulness might also predict these academic ou...

    Authors: Yuji Kuroda, Osamu Yamakawa and Masayuki Ito
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:48
  27. The rapid shift to online education due to COVID-19 quarantine challenged students’ ability to accept pure online learning without negative consequences for their physical, emotional and mental health. Some ed...

    Authors: Sultan M. Mosleh, Raed M. Shudifat, Heyam F. Dalky, Mona M. Almalik and Malek K. Alnajar
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:47
  28. An understudied psychological response to HIV-related stressors among people living with HIV is hopelessness. Hopelessness is the expectation that things will not improve and feeling helpless to change one’s c...

    Authors: Lena Nilsson Schönnesson, Michael W. Ross, Diego Garcia-Huidobro, Lars E. Eriksson, Galit Andersson, Mark L. Williams and Anna-Mia Ekström
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:46
  29. The aim of the study was to investigate how general family relations, reported changes in family interaction and involvement with peers during the Covid-19 pandemic, and following rules and recommendations dur...

    Authors: Sabina Kapetanovic, Birgitta Ander, Sevtap Gurdal and Emma Sorbring
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:44
  30. Young adults (18–25 years) with informal care responsibilities have received limited attention in the research literature, and little is known on how caring responsibilities are related to functioning across d...

    Authors: Bente Storm Mowatt Haugland, Mari Hysing and Børge Sivertsen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:43
  31. Gulf War Illness (GWI) is a chronic, multi-symptomatic disorder characterized by fatigue, muscle pain, cognitive problems, insomnia, rashes, and gastrointestinal issues affecting an estimated 30% of the ~ 750,...

    Authors: Nandan Shastry, Esha Sultana, Mary Jeffrey, Fanny Collado, Jeffrey Kibler, Christian DeLucia, Mary Ann Fletcher, Nancy Klimas and Travis J. A. Craddock
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:42
  32. Medical students demonstrate higher levels of psychological distress compared with the general population and other student groups, especially at exam times. Mindfulness interventions show promise in stress re...

    Authors: Jasmine Heath Hearn and Claire J. Stocker
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:41
  33. Polygamy is commonly referred to as the union of a man with multiple women or the practice of having more than one wife at a time. In Ethiopia, polygamy has practiced in all regions. In particular, the stress ...

    Authors: Nebiyu Mengistu, Seid Shumye, Tinsae Shemelise Tesfaye, Sleshi Haile, Yesuneh Bayisa, Solomon Yimer, Moges Tadesse, Tesfalidet Markos, Derebe Madoro, Dawit Getachew Assefa, Wondwosen Molla, Lulu Abebe, Alemayehu Molla, Aregahegn Wudneh and Bereket Duko
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:40

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Psychology 2022 10:191

  34. Previous studies indicated that about 20% of the individuals undergoing back surgery are unable to return to work 3 months to 1 year after surgery. The specific factors that predict individual trajectories in ...

    Authors: Rini Masuy, Lotte Bamelis, Katleen Bogaerts, Bart Depreitere, Kris De Smedt, Jeroen Ceuppens, Bert Lenaert, Sarah Lonneville, Dieter Peuskens, Johan Van Lerbeirghe, Patrick Van Schaeybroeck, Peter Vorlat, Steefka Zijlstra, Ann Meulders and Johan W. S. Vlaeyen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:39
  35. Adapting to child-rearing is affected by multiple factors, including environmental and individual factors. Previous studies have reported the effect of a single factor on childcare maladjustment; however, to p...

    Authors: Shoko Sugao, Kei Hirai and Masayuki Endo
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:38
  36. Usually, substance abuse begins in adolescence in Iran. Young people who score high on the sensation-seeking trait tend to be more prone to substance abuse and an early experience in using. According to the CO...

    Authors: Seyed Saeed Mazloomy Mahmoodabad, Hassan Zareei Mahmoodabadi, Hssein Mazhari Majd and Mohammad Reza Miri
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:37
  37. Depressive symptomatology is prevalent among female university students with adverse effects on their quality of life and academic performance. Previous research suggested associations between depressive sympt...

    Authors: L. Veiga, E. Carolino, I. Santos, C. Veríssimo, A. Almeida, A. Grilo, M. Brito and M. C. Santos
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:36
  38. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased online counselling interventions, including those aimed at university students. The principal aim of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the online counselling int...

    Authors: Elena Ierardi, Marta Bottini and Cristina Riva Crugnola
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:35
  39. Interventions for people with chronic illness have increasingly got involvement and partnership with family members in China and worldwide. The patient-family interactions in chronic illness care can greatly i...

    Authors: Dejian Zeng, Chen Yang and Wai Tong Chien
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:34
  40. Suppressing intrusive thoughts can result in a post-suppression rebound effect where the same thoughts become hyperaccessible. The current study aimed to investigate if similar so-called rebound effects could ...

    Authors: Örn Kolbeinsson, Erkin Asutay, Manja Enström, Jonas Sand and Hugo Hesser
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:33
  41. Previous research revealed an absence of any previous studies reporting the impact that pandemics may have on psychotic symptomology, nor on the physical health of people with psychosis in response to the epid...

    Authors: Chadia Haddad, Joseph E. Dib, Nadine Akl, Souheil Hallit and Sahar Obeid
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:32
  42. The Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (WEMWBS) is a measure of subjective well-being and assesses eudemonic and hedonic aspects of well-being. However, differential scoring of the WEMWBS across gender ...

    Authors: Joshua Marmara, Daniel Zarate, Jeremy Vassallo, Rhiannon Patten and Vasileios Stavropoulos
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:31

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