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  1. Rape is one of the principal forms of sexual violence leading to numerous psychological consequences for women. Providing effective psychological services to women survivors of rape requires identifying and co...

    Authors: Leila Asadi, Mahnaz Noroozi, Hajar Salimi, Fardin Mardani and Sara Jambarsang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:302
  2. Self-efficacy alludes to personal competence in an individual’s effectiveness when facing stressful situations. This construct has been related to different domains of the health field, finding that high level...

    Authors: Lorena Cudris-Torres, Stefano Vinaccia Alpi, Álvaro Barrios-Núñez, Natali Gaviria Arrieta, Martha Luz Gómez Campuzano, Giselle Olivella-López, Juan Hernández-Lalinde, Valmore Bermúdez, Olaiza Lobato Pérez, Jorge Armando Niño-Vega, Jorge Navarro-Obeid, Román José Ortega Fernández and José Julián Javela
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:301
  3. Due to the limitations of the existing measurements of experiential avoidance, we would like to check the validity of the improved version of Acceptance and Action Questionnaire–II (AAQ-II), i.e., Acceptance a...

    Authors: Shuanghu Fang, Dongyan Ding and Mingjie Huang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:300
  4. Infertility is a real public health issue because of its medical, socio-cultural, and financial impact. It does also have heavy psychological consequences on both partners. This study aimed to assess levels of...

    Authors: Rim Kooli, Amira Sallem, Dhekra Chebil, Manel Boussabbeh, Bochra Ben Mohamed, Tesnim Ajina, Ines Boughzela, Soumaya Mougou and Meriem Mehdi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:299
  5. In the past, affective and cognitive processes related to psychopathology have been examined within the boundaries of phenotype-based diagnostic labels, which has led to inconsistent findings regarding their u...

    Authors: Marvin S. Meiering, David Weigner, Sören Enge and Simone Grimm
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:297
  6. Smartphones are increasingly widespread throughout the world and, although smartphones provide various benefits, excessive and maladaptive use is often reported. Given the penetration of smartphones in the ind...

    Authors: Emanuela S. Gritti, Robert F. Bornstein and Baptiste Barbot
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:296
  7. Some individuals may manifest psychotic symptoms that do not fulfill the requisite clinical criteria for a formal diagnosis of psychosis. The assessment of susceptibility to delusions, encompassing both clinic...

    Authors: Seyed Ruhollah Hosseini, Roghieh Nooripour, Nikzad Ghanbari, Abbas Firoozabadi and Emmanuelle Peters
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:294
  8. Social distancing strategies during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic have left families facing a variety of different constraints. Especially in this stressful time, children need a stable parental home to prevent deve...

    Authors: Franziska Köhler-Dauner, Manuela Dalhof (Gulde), Lara Hart, Ute Ziegenhain and Jörg M. Fegert
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:292
  9. Social support consists of receipt and provision in the interpersonal exchange process. Many studies have explored and verified the effect of received social support. This study focuses on whether and when soc...

    Authors: Zhongyi Xin
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:291
  10. This study explores and compares the influences of family communication patterns (conversation orientation and conformity orientation) on family discussion and preventive behaviors for older parents and their ...

    Authors: Wanqi Gong, Li Crystal Jiang, Qin Guo and Fei Shen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:290
  11. The present study evaluated the psychometrics properties of a sensitive video-based test used in the evaluation of mentalizing skills, that is, the Movie for the Assessment of Social Cognition-Taiwanese versio...

    Authors: Yu-Lien Huang, Tzu-Ting Chen, Isabel Dziobek and Huai-Hsuan Tseng
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:287
  12. Over the past 10 years, gamer profiles have been developed to understand the reason underlying players’ intrinsic motivation. While the research undertaken has led to the creation of distinct models (e.g., Bra...

    Authors: Germano Vera Cruz, Anne-Marie Barrault-Méthy, Marion Del Bove and Michael Nauge
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:285
  13. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic placed immense stress on healthcare professionals worldwide. This strain often resulted in imbalances in their physical and mental well-being, necessitating effective coping...

    Authors: Remya Lathabhavan, Teena Bharti and Zohreh Hosseini Marznaki
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:284
  14. Prison suicide is a complex phenomenon that may be influenced by individual, clinical, social and environmental factors. In Spain, few studies have explored the relationship with institutional, prison-related ...

    Authors: Ellen Vorstenbosch, Ariadna Rodríguez-Liron, Enric Vicens-Pons, Mireia Félez-Nóbrega and Gemma Escuder-Romeva
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:282
  15. The aims of this study were to explore the possible relation between metacognition, mindfulness, and experiential avoidance, as well as their association with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

    Authors: Torstein Ådnøy, Stian Solem, Roger Hagen and Audun Havnen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:281
  16. Grandparents play a crucial role in providing their families with love, support, and wisdom, often also supporting them in practical and financial ways. The psychosocial effects experienced by grandparents whe...

    Authors: Gisela Michel, Peter Francis Raguindin, Cristina Priboi, Anica Ilic, Pauline Holmer and Katrin Scheinemann
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:280
  17. Several meta-analysis studies have been reported in the literature on the incidence of psychopathological conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This investigation aims to compile and analyze the fin...

    Authors: Massoud Sokouti, Ali Reza Shafiee-Kandjani, Mohsen Sokouti and Babak Sokouti
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:279
  18. Previous studies have frequently reported a high prevalence of co-occurring anxiety and depression among people who experienced stressful events in childhood. However, few have noted the symptomatic relationsh...

    Authors: Jiaqi Li, Yu Jin, Shicun Xu, Xianyu Luo, Amanda Wilson, Hui Li, Xiaofeng Wang, Xi Sun and Yuanyuan Wang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:278
  19. Online communication is one of the most significant factors that affect the growth and development of contemporary college students. The purpose of this study was to examine the mechanisms of online social sup...

    Authors: Ying Jiang, Jingming Chi, Li Wang and Xiaomin Geng
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:277
  20. What is our immediate reaction when we witness someone experiencing pain? The empathy-altruism hypothesis predicts that observers would display empathy and a tendency to approach the person in pain. Alternativ...

    Authors: Juan Song, Zijing Zhao, Zhibin Jiao, Yao Peng and Mingyuan Chu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:276
  21. Prior studies on beneficial effects of dance have primarily focused on traditional and expressionistic dance forms, neglecting newer dance styles like pole dance, which employ distinct techniques. The present ...

    Authors: Jalda Lena Pfeiffer, Setia Kati Sowitzki, Thomas Schäfer and Frank Euteneuer
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:274
  22. Academic procrastination is widespread among college students. Procrastination is strongly negatively correlated with psychological well-being, thus early interventions are needed. Internet- and mobile-based c...

    Authors: Agnes Mutter, A.-M. Küchler, A. R. Idrees, F. Kählke, Y. Terhorst and H. Baumeister
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:273
  23. Previous research found that college students have exhibited a group of concern, and aggressive behavior occurs from time to time in daily life. In order to investigate the effect of relative deprivation on ag...

    Authors: Mengyao Wang, Ming Chen and Zhiyan Chen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:272
  24. This study aims to provide researchers and practitioners with a more elaborate instrument to measure turnover intentions based on the planned behaviour theory model. The questionnaire assesses 5 distinct aspec...

    Authors: Obinna Osita Ike, Lawrence Ejike Ugwu, Ibeawuchi K. Enwereuzor, Ifeanyichukwu Chukwudi Eze, Obiageli Omeje and Ejike Okonkwo
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:271
  25. Although there is a robust relationship among social trauma, optimism, and depression, the inner mechanism of this correlation remains unclear and need to be further explored. The mainly purpose of the current...

    Authors: Jie Luo, Wei Cao, Jianhua Zhao, Xiaojin Zeng and Yun Pan
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:270
  26. This study evaluated the role of overlapping traits and characteristics related to autism spectrum disorder (autism) and anorexia nervosa (AN) in the general population, and the impact of these traits on menta...

    Authors: Kate Fithall, Indigo E Gray, Jake Linardon, Andrea Phillipou, Peter H Donaldson, Natalia Albein-Urios, Peter G Enticott, Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz and Melissa Kirkovski
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:269
  27. Youth with ADHD are at risk of academic impairments, dropping out of high school, and dysfunction in young adulthood. Interventions delivered early in high school could prevent these harmful outcomes, yet few ...

    Authors: Fiona L. Macphee, Stephanie K. Brewer, Margaret H. Sibley, Paulo Graziano, Joseph S. Raiker, Stefany J. Coxe, Pablo Martin, Shauntal J. Van Dreel, Mercedes Ortiz Rodriguez, Aaron R. Lyon and Timothy F. Page
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:268
  28. Pregnancy and the transition to parenthood are accompanied by multiple changes and stress exposure. Resilience has the potential to counteract the negative impact of stress and can be a protective factor again...

    Authors: Sarah Van Haeken, Marijke A.K.A. Braeken, Antje Horsch, Mirjam Oosterman and Annick Bogaerts
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:267
  29. The disease course of head and neck (H&N) cancer can severely impair patients’ quality of life (QoL). In Pakistan, a South Asian lower-middle-income country (LMIC), psychosocial factors may impact QoL. We aime...

    Authors: Nida Zahid, Russell Seth Martins, Zaiba Shafik Dawood, Wajeeha Zahid, Iqbal Azam, Mubasher Ikram, Aneesa Hassan, Shireen Shehzad Bhamani, Nargis Asad, Adnan Abdul Jabbar, Shabbir Akhtar, Moghira Iqbaluddin Siddiqui, Mohammad Sohail Awan and Khabir Ahmad
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:265
  30. This paper expands the understanding of the relationship between spiritual leadership (SPL) and the creative service performance of employees. The research model, based on cognitive evaluation theory, examines...

    Authors: Yu-Wen Chiu, Muhammad Waqas Amin, Sheng Tun Li and Muhammad Ali
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:262
  31. Achieving good death is among the objectives of palliative care in patients with cancer. There should be an instrument for evaluating the quality of palliative care provided by family members at the end of lif...

    Authors: Hosein Mohammadi Roshan, Abbas Ebadi, Leila Karimi and Salman Barasteh
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:261
  32. The current study adopted a person-centered approach to identify distinctive university students’ profiles based on three variables (i.e., three academic motivations, grit, and self-control), regress multiple ...

    Authors: Amal Alhadabi, Ibrahim Al-Harthy, Said Aldhafri and Hussain Alkharusi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:260
  33. Quality of life (QoL) is an important measure in health assessment. It is impacted by unclear factors in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) patients. The study aimed to investigate the factors related to QoL i...

    Authors: Sakineh Hashemi, Sahar Farahbakhsh, Zahra Aghakhani, Ali MomayezanMarnani, Nazi Hemati and Somayeh Hashemi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:259
  34. Patients with pulmonary nodules (PNs) often suffer from the psychological burden of their disease and trap in sleep problems. This is insufficiently identified and addressed in clinical practice. The aim of th...

    Authors: Junhan Wu, Weitao Zhuang, Haijie Xu, Yong Tang, Shaopeng Li, Wei Xu, Xuefeng Sun, Xianglin Li and Guibin Qiao
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:258
  35. Early life stress and adversity conveys risk for emotional, behavioral, and developmental disorders. To address this risk in the preschool population, Mother–Child Emotional Preparation (MCEP) was tested as an...

    Authors: Elizabeth S. Markowitz, Malia C. Maier, Robert J. Ludwig, Judy Austin, Anna M. Maybach, Marc E. Jaffe and Martha G. Welch
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:257
  36. Spirituality and psychological resilience can be considered as a protective factor for coping with anxiety in geriatric populations. The aim of the study was to investigate the structural model related to the ...

    Authors: Mohammadamin Shabani, Zahra Taheri-Kharameh, Abedin Saghafipour, Hoda Ahmari-Tehran, Sadegh Yoosefee and Mohammadali Amini-Tehrani
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:256
  37. Social factors and networks of friends can influence an adolescent’s behavior, including academic performance (AP) in school. This study aimed to analyze the relationship between AP and adolescents’ social net...

    Authors: Milton López-Sánchez, Carlos Mario Arango-Paternina, Jose Petro-Petro, Lucía Lema-Gómez, Cleiber Eusse-López, Jorge Luis Petro, Willinton Watts-Fernández and Fabio Perea-Velásquez
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:255
  38. Scientific developments have brought hope to infertile couples; however, the results are not always favorable. This makes women suffer psychological pressure. Therefore, previous studies have investigated the ...

    Authors: Fatemeh Yahyavi Koochaksaraei, Masoumeh Simbar, Mehrnoosh khoshnoodifar, Mahbobeh Faramarzi and Malihe Nasiri
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:254
  39. The white cane is globally an important tool in orientation and mobility for blind and visually impaired people, but it is not often used. The goal of this study was to develop and validate the white cane use ...

    Authors: Zeinab Rasouli Kahaki, Masoud Karimi, Masoud Taherian and Roghayyeh Simi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:253

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