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  1. Prison sentences are a particular type of penalty that aim to reintegrate individuals into society. Nonetheless, research suggests that prison sentences have a null or a criminogenic effect on recidivism and a...

    Authors: Olga Cunha, Andreia de Castro Rodrigues, Sónia Caridade, Ana Rita Dias, Telma Catarina Almeida, Ana Rita Cruz and Maria Manuela Peixoto
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:215
  2. Work addiction (WA) threatens occupation-related health in many countries including China. This research aims to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Chinese version of Bergen Work Addiction Scale (BWAS...

    Authors: Ruimei SUN, Long W. LAM and Anise M. S. WU
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:214
  3. Chronic patients are experiencing depression caused by themselves or the surrounding environment, how to cope with the change of mentality and adjust the psychological stress response, especially under the bac...

    Authors: Yujin Mei, Xue Yang, Changjun Liu, Yuqing Li, Jiaofeng Gui and Lin Zhang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:213
  4. Attachment theory represents a reference model for understanding better how pre-existing personality factors can influence the coping with some chronic conditions. The onset of a chronic disease can represent ...

    Authors: Concetta De Pasquale, Maria Luisa Pistorio, Massimiliano Veroux, Gabriella Sapienza, Alberto Florio, Zira Hichy, Burcin Ekser, Alessia Giaquinta and Pierfrancesco Veroux
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:210
  5. Teachers in high-stress roles face increasing psychological distress such as anxiety and depression, underscoring the need for validated assessment instruments. Given the current absence of a comprehensive, de...

    Authors: Cui-Hong Cao, Xiao-Ling Liao, Xing-Yong Jiang, Xu-Dong Li, I-Hua Chen and Chung-Ying Lin
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:209
  6. Information processing speed is commonly impaired in people with multiple sclerosis (PwMS). However, depression and fatigue can affect the cognitive profile of patients: fatigue has a negative impact from the ...

    Authors: Madia M. Biasi, Alessia Manni, Ilaria Pepe, Chiara Abbatantuono, Daphne Gasparre, Pietro Iaffaldano, Marta Simone, Maria F. De Caro, Maria Trojano, Paolo Taurisano and Damiano Paolicelli
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:208
  7. Acquired brain injuries (ABI) from stroke, head injury, or resected brain tumours are associated with poor emotional wellbeing and heightened risk of mood disorder. Common sequalae of ABI, such as poor attenti...

    Authors: Andrea Kusec, Abigail Methley, Fionnuala C. Murphy, Polly V. Peers, Estela Carmona and Tom Manly
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:207
  8. The postmenopausal period can represent an opportunity for women to improve their health and well-being. The Active and Healthy Ageing in Women during early postmenopause (AHAWOMEN) study aims to identify the ...

    Authors: Débora Godoy-Izquierdo, Raquel Lara-Moreno, Adelaida Ogallar-Blanco, Juan González, Carlos de Teresa and Nicolás Mendoza
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:204
  9. Understanding factors that influence information seeking, assessment of risk and mitigation behaviors is critical during a public health crises. This longitudinal study examined the influence of self-reported ...

    Authors: Courtney Welton-Mitchell, Miranda Dally, Katherine L. Dickinson, Lindsay Morris-Neuberger, Jennifer D. Roberts and Danielle Blanch-Hartigan
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:203
  10. The use of social media significantly impacts mental health. It can enhance connection, increase self-esteem, and improve a sense of belonging. But it can also lead to tremendous stress, pressure to compare on...

    Authors: Ágnes Zsila and Marc Eric S. Reyes
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:201
  11. The RU_SATED scale is a multidimensional instrument measuring sleep health, consisting of Regularity, Satisfaction, Alertness, Timing, Efficiency, Duration dimensions. We adapted and validated the Chinese RU_S...

    Authors: Runtang Meng, Lu Dong, Joseph M. Dzierzewski, Stefanos Mastrotheodoros, Menglu Cao, Bilin Yu, Jue Wang, Boxiong Gong, Jingjing Li and Karen Spruyt
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:200
  12. Anxiety and depression are two of the most debilitating psychological disorders worldwide today. Fortunately, effective treatments exist. However, a large proportion of patients do not recover from treatment, ...

    Authors: Silje Elisabeth Hasmo Eilertsen and Thomas Hasmo Eilertsen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:198
  13. Globally, major emphasis has been placed on understanding the physiological consequences of losing a pregnancy. However, its mental health impact on socially disadvantaged women remains unexplored. To further ...

    Authors: Kamrun Nahar Koly, Jobaida Saba, Md Arif Billah, Alba McGirr, Tithi Sarker, Mahbubul Haque, Elvina Mustary, S. M. Manzoor Ahmed Hanifi and Farzana Begum
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:197
  14. Although most retirees are satisfied, some do not feel well in retirement. The resource-based dynamic perspective explains retirement dissatisfaction as the lack of resources. This study focused on psychologic...

    Authors: Viera Bačová, Peter Halama and Jana Kordačová
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:195
  15. Stress-related disorders are a growing public health concern. While stress is a natural and adaptive process, chronic exposure to stressors can lead to dysregulation and take a cumulative toll on physical and ...

    Authors: Nikos Kogias, Dirk E. M. Geurts, Florian Krause, Anne E. M. Speckens and Erno J. Hermans
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:194
  16. The Mental Health Support Scale for Adolescents (MHSSA) is a criterion-referenced measure of adolescents’ supportive intentions towards peers with mental health problems, which was developed for use in evaluation...

    Authors: Shurong Lu, Laura M. Hart, Anthony F. Jorm, Karen Gregg, Maxine Gross, Andrew J. Mackinnon and Amy J. Morgan
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:193
  17. Tobacco use is recognized as one of the most important causes of preventable death due to non-communicable diseases and disability worldwide. The present study was conducted with the aim of comparing social su...

    Authors: Atefeh Homayuni and Zahra Hosseini
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:192
  18. Violent media is the most consumed type of media in Lebanon. Many studies have linked exposure to media violence to increased aggression and psychological distress. As Lebanon is going through socio-political ...

    Authors: Alfred Chabbouh, Souheil Hallit, Nour Farah, Christina Youssef, Abdo Hankache, Feten Fekih-Romdhane, Zeinab Bitar and Sahar Obeid
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:191
  19. Depression is a mental health condition that can have far-reaching consequences for the entire family, not just for the affected individual. Siblings are particularly vulnerable in that the unremitting stress ...

    Authors: Inbar Levkovich and Michal Labes
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:190
  20. With the popularity of mobile socialization, people have become more closely connected with their phones. While people enjoy the convenience that phones bring (e.g., accessing information and socializing), the...

    Authors: Bin Gao, Quanwei Shen, Gui Luo and Yiwen Xu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:189
  21. As of March 2020, the UK public were instructed to work from home where possible and as a result, nearly half of those in employment did so during the following month. Pre-pandemic, around 5% of workers chose ...

    Authors: Charlotte E. Hall, Louise Davidson, Samantha K. Brooks, Neil Greenberg and Dale Weston
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:188
  22. The present study aimed to develop a model for predicting the safety performance of nurses based on psychosocial safety climate (PSC) and the role of job demands and resources, job satisfaction, and emotional ...

    Authors: Fatemeh Abdi, Mehdi Jahangiri, Mojtaba Kamalinia, Rosanna Cousins and Hamidreza Mokarami
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:187
  23. Depression remains a global health problem, with its prevalence rising worldwide. Digital biomarkers are increasingly investigated to initiate and tailor scalable interventions targeting depression. Due to the...

    Authors: Gisbert W. Teepe, Yanick X. Lukic, Birgit Kleim, Nicholas C. Jacobson, Fabian Schneider, Prabhakaran Santhanam, Elgar Fleisch and Tobias Kowatsch
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:186
  24. Social exclusion is often measured with the Cyberball paradigm, a computerized ball-tossing game. Most Cyberball studies, however, used self-report questionnaires, leaving the data vulnerable to reporter bias,...

    Authors: Rosa H. Mulder, Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg, Johan Veenstra, Henning Tiemeier and Marinus H. van IJzendoorn
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:185
  25. Many patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) suffer from psychological distress, fatigue and sleep disturbances, which are associated with reduced quality of life (QoL) and increased societal costs. On...

    Authors: Milou M ter Avest, Annelieke S M van Velthoven, Anne E M Speckens, Gerard Dijkstra, Martin Dresler, Carmen S Horjus, Tessa E H Römkens, Ellen M Witteman, Willemijn A van Dop, Quirine M Bredero, Loes H C Nissen and Marloes J Huijbers
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:183
  26. The transition period after psychiatric hospitalization back to school is accompanied by various challenges, including a substantial risk for rehospitalization. Self-efficacy and self-control, as transdiagnost...

    Authors: Marlene Finkbeiner, Lena-Marie Wahl, Jan Kühnhausen, Johanna Schmid, Leona Hellwig, Vera Brenner, Ute Dürrwächter, Annette Conzelmann, Augustin Kelava, Tobias J. Renner and Caterina Gawrilow
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:182
  27. In this editorial to the special collection “Mental Health, Discourse and Stigma” we outline the concepts of mental, health, discourse and stigma as they are examined through sociolinguistic lenses. We examine...

    Authors: Olga Zayts-Spence, David Edmonds and Zoe Fortune
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:180
  28. The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted parental and child mental health and wellbeing in the UK. This study aimed to explore the experiences of parents of children with rare neurological...

    Authors: Jessica A. Martin, Kathryn Robertson, Caroline Richards, Gaia Scerif, Kate Baker and Charlotte Tye
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:179
  29. Dissociation is a ubiquitous clinical phenomenon. Dissociative disorders (DD) are primarily characterized by dissociation, and dissociative states are also a criterion for borderline personality disorder (BPD)...

    Authors: Johannes B. Heekerens, James J. Gross, Sylvia D. Kreibig, Katja Wingenfeld and Stefan Roepke
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:178
  30. Mental health issues are common among university students, but the latter are unlikely to seek professional help even when mental health services are available. Coping strategies, stigma and psychological dist...

    Authors: Jessica Dagani, Chiara Buizza, Clarissa Ferrari and Alberto Ghilardi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:177
  31. Students pursuing higher education and health professional (HP) programs (e.g., nursing, pharmacy, social work, medicine) experience stressors including academic pressures, workload, developing professional co...

    Authors: Pamela Button, Laura Fallon and Ken Fowler
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:175
  32. Under the background that the concept of a community with shared future for mankind has been advocated, the doctor-patient relationship has rapidly sublimated into a community with shared future for doctor-pat...

    Authors: Renjie Lu, Shenyu Zhao, Jing Zhou, Weiyan Ou, Juan Wen and Lingmin Hu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:174
  33. The experience of uncertainty is ubiquitous and universal across the globe. Many available tools measuring uncertainty are focused on one aspect of uncertainty, e.g., patients with life-threatening illnesses, ...

    Authors: Ileana Schmalbach, Christina Diane Bastianon, Walid A. Afifi, Gabriele Helga Franke, Andreas Hinz and Katja Petrowski
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:173
  34. Higher vocational college students face more life stress, which can easily result in depression and hinder their healthy growth. This study aimed to explore the roles of survival situation and personality temp...

    Authors: Dong-Hui Cao and Lin-Ke Zheng
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:172
  35. People with Major Depression Disorders (MDD) often complain about sleep problems and experience emotion dysregulation. Prior research suggests physical activity can improve both sleep quality and emotional con...

    Authors: Leeba Rezaie, Ebrahim Norouzi, Alexandra J. Bratty and Habibolah Khazaie
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:171
  36. Voice technology has grown exponentially, offering an opportunity to different fields, such as the health area. Considering that language can be a sign of cognitive impairment and most screening tools are base...

    Authors: Carmen Moret-Tatay, Isabel Iborra-Marmolejo, María José Jorques-Infante, Gloria Bernabé-Valero, María José Beneyto-Arrojo and Tatiana Quarti Irigaray
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:170
  37. More lung cancer cases are becoming diagnosed earlier in recent years. The diagnosis is often accompanied by fear of progression (FoP). There is a clear research gap in the existing literature on FoP and the m...

    Authors: Ruiyun Chen, Hui Yang, Hongmei Zhang, Jingru Chen, Saisai Liu and Li Wei
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:168
  38. Health care in prison is a challenging task. The conditions of imprisonment create distinct difficulties for those providing health care in this setting. These particular circumstances have led to a shortage o...

    Authors: Benjamin Jeker, David Shaw, Nicolas Lagnaux, Tenzin Wangmo and Bernice S. Elger
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:167

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