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  1. This study delves into the correlation between Corona Virus Anxiety (CVA) and the engagement as well as academic resilience of Chinese students. The context is set against the backdrop of the global pandemic, ...

    Authors: Xiaoling Yang and Yanmeng Geng
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:107
  2. As an emerging business model, merchants are selling surplus food in blind boxes, which provides new opportunities for reducing waste and promoting sustainable development. Surplus food blind boxes, however, h...

    Authors: Jie Sun, Yanan Wang, Chun Yang, Jiangjie Chen, Wei Wei, Wei Miao, Hanchu Sun and Chao Gu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:103
  3. The WHO-5 Wellbeing Index is a widely used tool for assessing psychological well-being. Despite its global application, its adaptation and validation for the Azerbaijani population had not been previously expl...

    Authors: Bakhtiyar Aliyev, Elnur Rustamov, Seydi Ahmet Satici and Ulkar Zalova Nuriyeva
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:100
  4. This study explores the relationship between physical health beliefs and physical exercise behavior intention of college students and constructs a mediation model through the mediation role of exercise imagery.

    Authors: Li Zhang, Donghuan Bai, Pengwei Song and Jia Zhang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:99
  5. Previous research has found only a small, inconsistent association between hedonic consumption and subjective well-being, often attributed to individuals adapting to the happiness gains from their purchases. G...

    Authors: Joe J. Gladstone, Peter M. Ruberton, Seth Margolis and Sonja Lyubomirsky
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:98
  6. The development of children’s gender roles in single-parent families is worthy of attention. It may be affected by family members’ gender roles and parental child-rearing gender-role attitudes (PCGA). PCGA wil...

    Authors: I-Jun Chen, Xiaoxiao Wang, Zhiyin Sun, Panlin Tang and Peiyi Chen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:96
  7. Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a rare neurodevelopmental disorder that is often comorbid with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Due to the close association between these two conditions, and recognizing that The...

    Authors: Ane Perosanz, Oscar Martínez, Patricia Espinosa-Blanco, Irune García, Mohammad Al-Rashaida and Juan Francisco López-Paz
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:94
  8. The prevalence of mental disorders in adolescents has a considerable impact on daily life, restricting tasks and diminishing overall quality of life while potentially leading to stigmatization. This study aims...

    Authors: Gislene Meilsmeidth, Maria João Trigueiro, Vítor Simões-Silva, Raquel Simões de Almeida, Paula Portugal, Paulo Veloso Gomes, Sara de Sousa, Filipa Campos, Pedro Monteiro, Ana Paula Soutelo and António Marques
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:93
  9. Late-life internal migration is frequently associated with a higher risk of depression in older parents. This research delves into the impact of intergenerational emotional cohesion (IEC) on depression in olde...

    Authors: Ruyue Deng, Shiyuan Yan, Lin Zhang, Yanjie Hou, Hao Wang, Wenjing Zhang and Jun Yao
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:92
  10. Using the event-related potentials (ERPs) technique, this study successively presented names (in either a supra- or subthreshold manner) and emotional words to examine how self-relevant cue (self-name) affects...

    Authors: Ping Zhang, Yidan Song, Endale Tadesse, Sabika Khalid, Chunhai Gao and Weijun Li
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:90
  11. This research examines the nuanced challenges confronting Chinese university students within the dynamic milieu of Chinese education. The study comprehensively investigates factors encompassing educational pro...

    Authors: Qinglei Wang, Nor Eeza Zainal Abidin, Mohd Salleh Aman, Nina Wang, Luhong Ma and Pan Liu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:89
  12. Adolescence is a stage of life characterised by vulnerability, which shapes young people’s trajectories and potentially influences their behaviour. In this crucial period, the promotion of prosocial behaviours...

    Authors: Alba González Moreno and María del Mar Molero Jurado
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:88
  13. Latent inhibition occurs when exposure to a stimulus prior its direct associative conditioning impairs learning. Results from naturalistic studies suggest that latent inhibition disrupts the learning of dental...

    Authors: Andrew L. Geers, Laura D. Seligman, Keenan A. Pituch, Ben Colagiuri, Hilary A. Marusak, Christine A. Rabinak, Sena L. Al-Ado, Natalie Turner and Michael Nedley
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:85
  14. Adverse childhood experiences (ACE) are linked to an increased risk of psychological disorders and lower psychosocial functioning throughout life. This study aims to evaluate the FACE self-help app, designed t...

    Authors: Jeannette Brodbeck, Salome I.R. Bötschi, Neela Vetsch, Lina Stallmann, Johanna Löchner, Thomas Berger, Stefanie J. Schmidt and Simon Marmet
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:84
  15. Anxiety disorders in middle-aged and older adults are an important public health concern in China. Based on the data in the global disease burden (GDB) research database, this study evaluated and analyzed the ...

    Authors: Zeng Zhi, Shi Yan, He Yijuan, Zheng Jiahuan, Jiang Xiaohan and Chen Dandan
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:83
  16. The following protocol pertains to a pioneer study, aiming to investigate how weather sensitivity and walking in different environments affects the psychophysiological responses to the stress of individuals wi...

    Authors: Dalia Martinaitienė, Francisco Sampaio, Zsolt Demetrovics, Biljana Gjoneska, Justina Portačenko, Austėja Damulevičiūtė, Toma Garbenytė-Apolinskienė, Julius Burkauskas and Nijolė Kažukauskienė
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:82
  17. We introduce a novel measure for assessing TikTok overuse, called the TikTok Use Disorder-Questionnaire (TTUD-Q). As part of ongoing investigations into the suitability of the World Health Organization’s (WHO)...

    Authors: Christian Montag and Sebastian Markett
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:81
  18. The study explores language acquisition in Chinese English as a Foreign Language (EFL) education, where English proficiency is crucial for global opportunities. As China gains prominence, the demand for Englis...

    Authors: Ye Tao and Jianbin Yu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:80
  19. Researchers have shown various variables’ role in forming personality disorders (PD). This study aimed to assess the role of early maladaptive schema (EMS), attachment style (AS), and parenting style (PS) in d...

    Authors: Maryam Emami, Maryam Moghadasin, Haniye Mastour and Afshin Tayebi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:78
  20. In addition to the fact that the concept of passion in sports plays a significant role in the formation of the identity concept of athletes, the dedication of athletes to the sports branches they are intereste...

    Authors: Sinan Uğraş, Barış Mergan, Talip Çelik, Yusuf Hidayat, Cemal Özman and Ümit Doğan Üstün
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:76
  21. Mental disorders are accountable for 16% of global disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). Therefore, accessible, cost-effective interventions are needed to help provide preventive and therapeutic options. As ...

    Authors: Kiandokht Kamalinejad, Seved Vahid Shariat, Negin Eissazade and Mohammadreza Shalbafan
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:73
  22. This article is a review that was inspired by recent studies investigating the effects of childhood trauma or early life stress (ELS) and mindfulness in adulthood. One recent study found that some forms of abu...

    Authors: Jonathan Gibson
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:71
  23. Substance use problems have a major impact on the physical and mental health of individuals, families and communities. Early intervention may have a positive effect on recovery and treatment outcomes for those...

    Authors: Judith Wright, Kathryn J. Chalmers, Alyssia Rossetto, Nicola J. Reavley, Claire M. Kelly and Anthony F. Jorm
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:70
  24. Previous studies in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic indicated that wearing a medical-style mask affects whether a stranger’s face is judged as more trustworthy, socially desirable, or likely to be ill. Ho...

    Authors: Gordon P. D. Ingram, Erick G. Chuquichambi, William Jimenez-Leal and Antonio Olivera-La Rosa
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:68
  25. The deleterious effects of mental fatigue (MF) on athletes have been carefully studied in various sports, such as soccer, badminton, and swimming. Even though many researchers have sought ways to ameliorate th...

    Authors: He Sun, Kim Geok Soh, Alireza Mohammadi, Zakaria Toumi, Lingling Zhang, Cong Ding, Xiaojuan Gao and Jian Tian
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:67
  26. Team-level job crafting has been put forward as a method to promote nurses' mental health. However, a longitudinal association is unclear. Therefore, the objective of this study was to investigate the associat...

    Authors: Mako Iida, Asuka Sakuraya, Kazuhiro Watanabe, Kotaro Imamura, Utako Sawada, Hiroto Akiyama, Yu Komase, Yuki Miyamoto and Norito Kawakami
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:66
  27. In Sub Saharan Africa (SSA), approximately 9 million students are enrolled in tertiary education (TE), which is 4% of the total TE enrolment globally. Barriers to higher education in SSA are numerous: poverty,...

    Authors: Jurgita Slekiene, Kondwani Chidziwisano and Elizabeth Tilley
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:65
  28. Adolescence is the period in which physical and emotional changes occur through hormones, the individual acquires gender characteristics and prepares for the adult role psychologically and physically. Dysfunct...

    Authors: Zila Özlem Kirbaş, Bülent Bayraktar and Elif Odabaşi Aktaş
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:64
  29. Childhood emotional disorders (EDs; i.e., anxiety and depressive disorders) are currently a public health concern. Their high prevalence, long-term effects, and profound influence on the lives of children and ...

    Authors: Helena Moreira, Dave Skvarc, Bárbara Gomes-Pereira, Alzira Albuquerque, Ana Carolina Góis, Ana Fonseca, Ana Maria Pereira, Brígida Caiado, Bruna Paulino, Catarina Santos, Jill Ehrenreich-May, Maria Cristina Canavarro, Mariana Saraiva, Vitória Nunes Vicente and Ana Isabel Pereira
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:63
  30. Refugee populations are forcibly displaced from their homes as a consequence of natural disasters and armed conflicts. Eritreans, initially displaced to the Maiayni camp within the Tigray region, have faced fu...

    Authors: Mihret Melese, Wudneh Simegn, Dereje Esubalew, Liknaw Workie Limenh, Wondim Ayenew, Gashaw Sisay Chanie, Abdulwase Mohammed Seid, Alemante Tafese Beyna, Melese Legesse Mitku, Asefa Kebad Mengesha and Yibeltal Yismaw Gela
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:62
  31. Pregnancy period is an important experience in the life process of married women, which leads them to growth and development and is considered as a part of the puberty process. The aim of this research is to d...

    Authors: Majid Yousefi Afrashteh, Parinaz Hanifeh and Zekrollah Morovati
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:60
  32. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) poses cognitive and emotional challenges for Chinese children. This study addresses the potential benefits of Working Memory Training for ADHD-affected children....

    Authors: Dan Zhao and Jifang Zhang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:59
  33. The average sleep duration of Japanese people is shorter than that of people from other countries, and bedtime procrastination is suspected to be one of the factors contributing to this issue. This study aimed...

    Authors: Megumi Hazumi, Aoi Kawamura, Takuya Yoshiike, Kentaro Matsui, Shingo Kitamura, Ayumi Tsuru, Kentaro Nagao, Naoko Ayabe, Tomohiro Utsumi, Muneto Izuhara, Mio Shinozaki, Eriya Takahashi, Michio Fukumizu, Momo Fushimi, Satomi Okabe, Taisuke Eto…
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:56

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