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  1. Mindfulness programmes as a potential avenue of enhancing pupil wellbeing are beginning to show great promise. However, research concerning the effectiveness of mindfulness training for primary aged school chi...

    Authors: R. Amundsen, L. M. Riby, C. Hamilton, M. Hope and D. McGann
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:71
  2. Fatigue can affect the behavior of drivers. While the driver must be able to respond and cope appropriately to the critical situations, which is known as the ability to cope with a crisis. It is likely that th...

    Authors: Siamak Pourabdian, Saeid Lotfi, Saeid Yazdanirad, Parastoo Golshiri and Akbar Hassanzadeh
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:70
  3. The physical and psychological health impacts on victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake (GEJE) have lasted for a long time. Some cross-sectional studies have reported a relationship between social networks...

    Authors: Yumi Sugawara, Yasutake Tomata, Takuya Sekiguchi, Yutaka Yabe, Yoshihiro Hagiwara and Ichiro Tsuji
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:69
  4. Obesity is a multi-dimensional condition with causal factors beyond the physiological into the behavioural, dietetic and psychological. Understanding the lived experience of those who are overweight and obese ...

    Authors: Kathryn Ogden, Jenny Barr, Georgia Rossetto and John Mercer
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:67
  5. Sexting has recently emerged as a public health and social issue. The present study had two aims: a) to preliminarily test adolescent gender differences on parental practices regarding adolescent online life, ...

    Authors: E. Confalonieri, G. Cuccì, M. G. Olivari, M. Parise, E. Borroni and D. Villani
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:63
  6. Death rattle is a frequently occurring symptom in the last phase of life. The experience of death rattle of relatives has been found to vary. It is unclear if treatment with medication is useful. The most fitt...

    Authors: Harriëtte J. van Esch, Martine E. Lokker, Judith Rietjens, Lia van Zuylen, Carin C. D. van der Rijt and Agnes van der Heide
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:62
  7. Technological advances provide an opportunity to refine tools that assess central nervous system performance. This study aimed to assess the test-retest reliability and convergent and ecological validity of a ...

    Authors: Ben Horan, Rachael Heckenberg, Paul Maruff and Bradley Wright
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:61
  8. Interventions designed to support children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) can be time consuming, needing involvement of outside experts. Social Stories™ are a highly personalised interven...

    Authors: B. Wright, C. Teige, J. Watson, R. Hodkinson, D. Marshall, D. Varley, V. Allgar, L. Mandefield, S. Parrott, E. Kingsley, R. Hargate, N. Mitchell, S. Ali, D. McMillan, H. Wang and C. Hewitt
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:60
  9. The quality of maternal-infant bonding is related to important child outcomes. The literature has assumed that the ability to form relationships is a relatively stable trait, and research studies have suggeste...

    Authors: Dag Nordahl, Kamilla Rognmo, Agnes Bohne, Inger Pauline Landsem, Vibeke Moe, Catharina Elisabeth Arfwedson Wang and Ragnhild Sørensen Høifødt
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:58
  10. The aim of this randomized wait-list controlled trial was to explore the effects of Mindfulness–Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) on risk and protective factors for depressive relapse within the domains of cognit...

    Authors: Elisabeth Schanche, Jon Vøllestad, Endre Visted, Julie Lillebostad Svendsen, Berge Osnes, Per Einar Binder, Petter Franer and Lin Sørensen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:57
  11. In view of heightened rates of suicide and evidence of poor mental health among healthcare occupational groups, such as veterinarians, doctors, pharmacists and dentists, there has been increasing focus on the ...

    Authors: Elisa G. Lewis and Jacqueline M. Cardwell
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:54
  12. In Lebanon, it is already established that mental disorders are prevalent among the population. Lebanese people are active users of social media platforms. To date, no study has previously explored the relatio...

    Authors: Lara Youssef, Rabih Hallit, Nelly Kheir, Sahar Obeid and Souheil Hallit
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:56

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Psychology 2020 8:72

  13. Need-oriented family support programs are examples of voluntary-based interventions increasingly recognized by the public sector as an important contribution to health and social care provision. Voluntary inte...

    Authors: Maiken Pontoppidan, Mette Thorsager, Arendse Tange Larsen and Mette Friis-Hansen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:55
  14. Scandalous incidents occurring in prominent organisations in the world have brought to limelight the role of leaders in shaping the ethical climate of their organisations. As a result, several studies across d...

    Authors: Ibeawuchi K. Enwereuzor, Ike E. Onyishi, Florence Chiji Albi-Oparaocha and Kenneth Amaeshi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:52
  15. Many significant others of persons with serious conditions like spinal cord injury (SCI) and acquired brain injury (ABI) report high levels of psychological distress. In line with the stress-coping model, the ...

    Authors: Eline W. M. Scholten, Julia D. H. P. Simon, Tijn van Diemen, Chantal F. Hillebregt, Marjolijn Ketelaar, Kees Hein Woldendorp, Rutger Osterthun, Johanna M. A. Visser-Meily and Marcel W. M. Post
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:51
  16. Functional communication is vital in many areas of daily life, and modifying dysfunctional communication has been emphasized in various social areas, including family and school. The present preliminary study ...

    Authors: Junhyung Kim, Young Hoon Jung, Yu-Bin Shin, Min-Kyeong Kim, Hyojung Eom, Eunjoo Kim, Joohan Kim and Jae-Jin Kim
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:50
  17. Exposure therapy is the gold standard for treating childhood anxiety, yet not all youth improve. Children do not always have insight on their distress, which can limit the utility of self-reported units of dis...

    Authors: Caitlyn C. McCormack, Rebekah J. Mennies, Jennifer S. Silk and Lindsey B. Stone
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:48
  18. This study aims to assess the impact of personality traits on emotional intelligence (EI) and decision-making among medical students in Lebanese Universities and to evaluate the potential mediating role-played...

    Authors: Radwan El Othman, Rola El Othman, Rabih Hallit, Sahar Obeid and Souheil Hallit
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:46
  19. This investigation aims to validate the psychometric properties of the modified 19-item Bengali version World Health Organization Quality of Life (WHOQOL) instrument in a typical healthy rural population in Ba...

    Authors: Mohammed Nazim Uddin and Fakir M. Amirul Islam
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:44
  20. Adolescence is characterized by unique, multiple physical, psychological and social development. Understanding the well-being of adolescents and the factors that contribute to it will help towards clarifying a...

    Authors: Anju Poudel, Bishnu Gurung and Gopal Prasad Khanal
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:43
  21. Despite the considerable success of comprehensive tobacco control efforts, tobacco use remains one of the greatest preventable causes of death and disease today. Over half of all smokers in the US make quit at...

    Authors: Ellen Carl, Amylynn Liskiewicz, Cheryl Rivard, Ronald Alberico, Ahmed Belal, Martin C. Mahoney, Amanda J. Quisenberry, Warren K. Bickel and Christine E. Sheffer
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:42
  22. Maternal mental well-being and social circumstances during pregnancy and early childhood impact the child’s well-being and development. Supportive and sensitive parenting is one of the strongest predictors of ...

    Authors: Anne Kristine Aarestrup, Mette Skovgaard Væver, Janne Petersen, Katrine Røhder and Michaela Schiøtz
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:41
  23. Metacognition has been shown as a key contributor to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as well as other anxiety-related disorders, yet its role in the development and maintenance of these disorders remains unclear...

    Authors: Roberto Gutierrez, Tulsi Hirani, Leo Curtis and Amanda K. Ludlow
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:40
  24. Preschoolers regularly display disruptive behaviors in child care settings because they have not yet developed the social skills necessary to interact prosocially with others. Disruptive behaviors interfere wi...

    Authors: Marie-Pier Larose, Isabelle Ouellet-Morin, Francis Vergunst, Frank Vitaro, Alain Girard, Richard E. Tremblay, Mara Brendgen and Sylvana M. Côté
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:39
  25. Medical students experience depression and anxiety at a higher rate than the general population or students from other specialties. While there is a growing literature on the high prevalence of depression and ...

    Authors: Ruyue Shao, Ping He, Bin Ling, Li Tan, Lu Xu, Yanhua Hou, Liangsheng Kong and Yongqiang Yang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:38
  26. Left-handedness prevalence has been consistently reported at around 10% with heritability estimates at around 25%. Higher left-handedness prevalence has been reported in males and in twins. Lower prevalence ha...

    Authors: Mo Zheng, Catherine McBride, Connie Suk-Han Ho, Jonathan Ka-Chun Chan, Kwong Wai Choy and Silvia Paracchini
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:37
  27. As yet, little is known about the effects of mental health stigma on sustainable employment. This is surprising, as mental health stigma is common, and because people with severe and common mental disorders ar...

    Authors: Evelien P. M. Brouwers
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:36
  28. Disruption of biological rhythms has been linked to the pathophysiology of mental disorders. However, little is known regarding the rhythmicity of mood symptoms due to the lack of validated clinical questionna...

    Authors: Melissa A. B. Oliveira, Kristina Epifano, Salina Mathur, Felipe Gutiérrez Carvalho, Marina Scop, Alicia Carissimi, Ana Paula Francisco, Luciene L. S. Garay, Ana Adan, Maria Paz Hidalgo and Benicio N. Frey
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:35
  29. Depression and obesity are significant global health concerns that commonly occur together. An integrated group cognitive behavioural therapy program was therefore developed to simultaneously address comorbid ...

    Authors: Taryn Lores, Michael Musker, Kathryn Collins, Anne Burke, Seth W. Perry, Ma-Li Wong and Julio Licinio
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:34
  30. The prevalence in the Lebanese general population of cigarette and waterpipe smoking, alcohol drinking and internet use seems to be increasing lately. So far, no study was done relating the above to attachment...

    Authors: Laurette Nakhoul, Sahar Obeid, Hala Sacre, Chadia Haddad, Michel Soufia, Rabih Hallit, Marwan Akel, Pascale Salameh and Souheil Hallit
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:33
  31. Explicit and implicit attitudes have been studied extensively, but there is less attention to reducing dissonance between them. This is relevant because this dissonance (IED) results in distress and has incons...

    Authors: Carolin Muschalik, Rik Crutzen, Iman Elfeddali and Hein de Vries
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:32
  32. Cognitive fatigue after childhood cancer is frequently overlooked despite guidelines recommending follow-up, and might be mistaken for depression due to overlapping symptoms. Our objectives were: 1) to examine...

    Authors: Elin Irestorm, Ingrid Tonning Olsson, Birgitta Johansson and Ingrid Øra
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:31
  33. Several studies indicate the role of psychosocial factors in the management and control of chronic diseases in adolescents. In this regard, the roles of attachment and alexithymia in the management of type 1 d...

    Authors: Zeinab Shayeghian, Mina Moeineslam, Elnaz Hajati, Mehrdad Karimi, Golshan Amirshekari and Parisa Amiri
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:30
  34. Contextual cues play an important role in facilitating behaviour change. They not only support memory but may also help to make the new behaviour automatic through the formation of new routines. However, previ...

    Authors: Katarzyna Stawarz, Benjamin Gardner, Anna Cox and Ann Blandford
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:29
  35. Individuals tend to have an optimism bias, processing desirable information more frequently than undesirable information. However, people who have been diagnosed with depression often have a more pessimistic v...

    Authors: Shinpei Yoshimura and Yuma Hashimoto
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:28
  36. This study aims to investigate effectiveness of a 6-week, transdiagnostic cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety and depression in adolescents, the Structured Material for Therapy (SMART), in naturalis...

    Authors: Veronica Lorentzen, Kenneth Fagermo, Bjørn Helge Handegård, Ingunn Skre and Simon-Peter Neumer
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:25
  37. The use of psychological testing to indicate the potential for dissatisfaction with dental treatment has many potential patient and clinician benefits but has been rarely investigated. The study aimed to explo...

    Authors: James Dudley, Lindsay Richards and Melati Mahmud
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:24
  38. Medical specialty is a critical choice in a physician’s life because it determines their professional future and medical practice. While some are motivated to choose a specific specialty based on the monetary ...

    Authors: Francisco José Barbosa-Camacho, Roberto Carlos Miranda-Ackerman, Itzel Vázquez-Reyna, Vania Brickelia Jimenez-Ley, Francisco Javier Barrera-López, Vianca Seleste Contreras-Cordero, Veronica Alexandra Sánchez-López, Tom Jilmer Castillo-Valverde, Claudina del Carmen Lamas-Abbadie, Brenda Alicia González-Adán, Ana Olivia Cortes-Flores, Gilberto Morgan-Villela, Guillermo Alonso Cervantes-Cardona, Gabino Cervantes-Guevara, Clotilde Fuentes-Orozco and Alejandro González-Ojeda
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:23
  39. Swipe-Based Dating Applications (SBDAs) function similarly to other social media and online dating platforms but have the unique feature of “swiping” the screen to either like or dislike another user’s profile...

    Authors: Nicol Holtzhausen, Keersten Fitzgerald, Ishaan Thakur, Jack Ashley, Margaret Rolfe and Sabrina Winona Pit
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:22

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