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  1. Reflecting people with diabetes’ self-management activities is often required in both research and clinical practice. This study evaluated the measurement properties of the Portuguese version of the Diabetes S...

    Authors: Dulce Oliveira, Andreia Costa, Adriana Henriques, Maria Alice Curado, Andreas Schmitt and Paulo Nogueira
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:405
  2. Wisdom is an important coping resource for difficult and ambiguous life situations. Wisdom trainings have been developed in clinical and non-clinical settings. What has been missing so far are representative d...

    Authors: Beate Muschalla
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:404
  3. African Americans and those of lower socioeconomic status (SES) are at disproportionate risk for hypertension- and cardiovascular-disease-related mortality relative to their counterparts. Progress in reducing ...

    Authors: Nataria T. Joseph and Laurel M. Peterson
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:402
  4. Malicious online trolling is prevalent among Chinese college students and has recently garnered extensive attention from researchers due to the substantial harm it causes to the victims and the damage it infli...

    Authors: Yuedong Qiu, Qi Sun, Biyun Wu and Fang Li
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:401
  5. Gender role attitudes have been shown to play a critical role in individuals’ fertility intentions. However, the underlying mechanism is unclear. The present study examined whether parental sacrifice mediates ...

    Authors: Jiamiao Zhang, Gongxing Chen, Yingying Hu and Yuan Gao
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:400
  6. Generalized anxiety (GA) is showing a high prevalence among adolescents nowadays; investigations on influencing factors and potential mechanisms are important to inform intervention development. The present tw...

    Authors: Ran Ma, Qian Zhang, Chunyang Zhang and Wei Xu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:399
  7. Hope has been extensively studied as a predictor of college students’ academic success. Most previous studies used domain-general, global hope measures to gauge the association between hope and academic perfor...

    Authors: Wai-lap Lance Wong and Sing-hang Cheung
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:398
  8. Mental health is an important fundamental element of health that influences different dimensions of an older individual’s life. There are various factors that affect the mental health of older adults, such as ...

    Authors: Ratchaneekorn Upasen, Weeraphol Saengpanya, Wanida Awae and Preedanan Prasitvej
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:397
  9. In the cognitive-affective model of athlete burnout, anxiety is a key physiological response to stress that influences the development of burnout in athletes. Despite its importance, there has been little rese...

    Authors: Linjie Yang, Zhiwen Zhang, Jinrui Zhang and Arsaythamby Veloo
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:396
  10. Good sleep is one of the necessary conditions to ensure the normal performance of the physiological and psychological functions of college students. This study aimed to explore the relationship between mobile ...

    Authors: Shuqiao Meng, Yu Zhang, Lingling Tang, Meng Zhang, Wenjing Tang, Nzubechi Onyebuchi, Yahui Han, Shanshan Han, Bo Li, Wenxia Tong and Xiaoyu Ge
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:395
  11. Self-harming ideations demand targeted research due to their persistent nature, especially among female adolescents within refugee populations who face unique challenges that can exacerbate self-harming tenden...

    Authors: Mark Mohan Kaggwa, Joan Abaatyo, Donald Otika, Pebalo Francis Pebolo and Felix Bongomin
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:394
  12. The prevalence of depression among college students is higher than that of the general population. Although a growing body of research suggests that depression in college students and their potential risk fact...

    Authors: Shihong Dong, Huaiju Ge, Wenyu Su, Weimin Guan, Xinquan Li, Yan Liu, Qing Yu, Yuantao Qi, Huiqing Zhang and Guifeng Ma
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:393
  13. Examination and understanding of neural hyperactivity are some of the greatest scientific challenges faced in the present day. For this reason, the present study aimed to examine this phenomenon in the context...

    Authors: Rubén Fernández-García, Eduardo Melguizo-Ibáñez, Félix Zurita-Ortega and José Luis Ubago-Jiménez
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:392
  14. Fear-avoidance beliefs (FAB) play a crucial role in the treatment outcomes of post-surgery patients. These beliefs can lead to activity avoidance, increased pain, and decreased quality of life. Therefore, accu...

    Authors: Hamid Sharif-Nia, Erika Sivarajan Froelicher, Amir Hossein Shafighi, Jason W. Osborne, Reza Fatehi, Poorya Nowrozi and Bita Mohammadi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:390
  15. The main objective of this study is to examine the relationship of emotional intelligence with psychological well-being and academic achievement through positive psychological characteristics among university ...

    Authors: Ye Shengyao, Lin Xuefen, Hashem Salarzadeh Jenatabadi, Nadia Samsudin, Ke Chunchun and Zahari Ishak
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:389
  16. The detrimental mental health effects which emerged from COVID-19 have profoundly affected healthcare workers (HCWs) worldwide. The aim of this study was to investigate the mediating effects of traumatic stres...

    Authors: Pakize Gamze Erten Bucaktepe, Fethiye Akgül and Sercan Bulut Çelİk
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:388
  17. Maternal childhood maltreatment (CM) represents an important factor in the transmission of trauma that may lead to impaired child mental health. Apart from childhood maltreatment insecure attachment has been i...

    Authors: Katharina Rost, Ute Ziegenhain, Jörg M. Fegert, Anna Buchheim and Franziska Köhler-Dauner
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:385
  18. This theoretical model has been drawn on principles of social exchange theory to scrutinize the connection between organizational virtuousness and job performance with the mediating role of Organizational citi...

    Authors: Eimad Hafeez Gogia, Zhen Shao, Karamat Khan, Mohd Ziaur Rehman, Hossam Haddad and Nidal Mahmoud Al-Ramahi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:384
  19. Control beliefs have been found to influence adaption to a cancer diagnosis. This study explored interrelationships among education, control beliefs, and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in patients with...

    Authors: Julia Roick, Peter Esser, Beate Hornemann and Jochen Ernst
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:382
  20. Psychosocial factors affect individuals’ desire for physical activity. A newly developed instrument (Tendency to Avoid Physical Activity and Sport; TAPAS) has been designed to assess the avoidance of physical ...

    Authors: Yi-Ching Lin, Jung-Sheng Chen, Nadia Bevan, Kerry S. O’Brien, Carol Strong, Meng-Che Tsai, Xavier C. C. Fung, Ji-Kang Chen, I-Ching Lin, Janet D. Latner and Chung-Ying Lin
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:381
  21. Fatigue in surgical technologists is of paramount importance and is known as a priority because it can be regarded as a threat to the nurse’s health and patient’s safety. The fatigue level of healthcare worker...

    Authors: Masoume Rambod, Nilofar Pasyar and Marzieh Soltanian
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:380
  22. This study delves into the correlation between childhood trauma and non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) behaviors among high school students. Additionally, it examines the mediating role of stress perception and t...

    Authors: Yilin Liu, Yuan Fang, Yuanling Chen, Fuyi Qin, Xinrui Li, Ruibin Feng, Xinyu Luo, Jia Wen, Yatang Chen, Zhaowei Teng and Yong Zeng
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:379
  23. Mental health literacy is vital for well-being in educational settings, extending beyond academics to include social and emotional development. It empowers individuals, allowing them to recognize and address t...

    Authors: Charin Suwanwong, Anchalee Jansem, Ungsinun Intarakamhang, Pitchada Prasittichok, Sudarat Tuntivivat, Krittipat Chuenphittayavut, Khuong Le and Le Thi Mai Lien
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:378
  24. The rapid proliferation of technology and its impact on adolescents’ lives have raised concerns about addictive behaviors and its potential consequences, including behavioral and mental health problems. This s...

    Authors: Sihem Ben Fredj, Mohamed Ouertani, Nawel Zammit, Rim Ghammam, Jihen Maatoug, Firas Chouikha, Imed Harrabi and Hassen Ghannem
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:375
  25. Despite widespread engagement in contemplative religious practices, comparatively little research has been conducted on their potential effects on well-being. Furthermore, few studies have focused on how an ex...

    Authors: Julia S. Rohde, Sean Goldy, Marianna Graziosi, Michael A. Ferguson, Johannes Thrul and David B. Yaden
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:373
  26. Effective approaches to addressing mental health challenges faced by adolescents require a deep understanding of the factors contributing to optimal development, well-being, and prosperity. From the perspectiv...

    Authors: Mauricio Marín-Gutiérrez, Alejandra Caqueo-Urízar, Jenifer Castillo-Francino and Carolang Escobar-Soler
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:372
  27. Physical comparison may be a factor in body dissatisfaction and related issues, like eating disorders and depression. The Physical Appearance Comparison Scale-Revised (PACS-R) is a scale developed to assess th...

    Authors: Marie Anne El Khoury, Diana Malaeb, Mirna Fawaz, Nancy Chammas, Michel Soufia, Feten Fekih-Romdhane, Sahar Obeid and Souheil Hallit
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:371
  28. This study explores the intricate web of symptoms experienced by academically gifted high school students, focusing on procrastination, rumination, perfectionism, and cognitive flexibility. The well-being of t...

    Authors: Sajjad Bagheri, Hojjatollah Farahani, Peter Watson, Timea Bezdan and Kosar Rezaiean
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:370
  29. AI Generated Content Law was extensively promoted in 2023; hence, it is crucial to uncover factors influencing people’s behavioral intentions to comply with the AI Generated Content Law. This study extends the...

    Authors: Jie-Chun Li, Yi Lin and Yi-Chun Yang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:367
  30. The current understanding of the relationship between physical activity involvement and flourishing, as well as the underlying psychological mechanisms, remains limited. Building upon the basic psychological n...

    Authors: Hui Zhou, Bryant Pui Hung Hui, Hong Mian Yang and Anise M. S. Wu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:366
  31. Rejection is a highly stressful experience and individuals tend to avoid it whenever possible. In intimate relationships, experiences of rejection can shape the interaction dynamics between partners. Highly re...

    Authors: Marianne Richter, Georgia Kouri, Nathalie Meuwly and Dominik Schoebi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:365
  32. Video games have become a prevalent source of entertainment, especially among children. Furthermore, the amount of time spent playing video games has grown dramatically. The purpose of this research was to exa...

    Authors: Amani Ali Kappi, Rania Rabie El-Etreby, Ghada Gamal Badawy, Gawhara Ebrahem and Warda El Shahat Hamed
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:364
  33. The body image of patients with cancer can be negatively affected due to treatment toxicities. Changes in body image may cause patients to experience social appearance anxiety. This study aimed to evaluate the...

    Authors: Fatma Arıkan, Funda Kartöz, Zeynep Karakuş, Müge Altınışık, Zeynep Özer and Aylin Fidan Korcum Şahin
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:363

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Psychology 2024 12:391

  34. Emotional intelligence and life satisfaction are essential components for good psychological well-being. Studies examining the elements contributing to emotional intelligence and its relationships with differe...

    Authors: Aslı Kartol, Servet Üztemur, Mark D. Griffiths and Derya Şahin
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:362
  35. Dementia is an important public health and geriatric concern for sub-Saharan African countries, including Ghana. Evidence shows that persons living with dementia are often supported and cared for by family car...

    Authors: Precious Adade Duodu, Joshua Okyere, Bibha Simkhada, Ransford Akrong, Caroline Barker, Warren Gillibrand and Padam Simkhada
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:361
  36. This research delves into the nuances, origins, and societal effects of irrational religious orientations within China’s Generation Z, employing grounded theory methodology for a comprehensive analysis. The fo...

    Authors: Ziang Wang, Yinglin Luo, Xuan Cao and Jindong Jiang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:360
  37. This study aimed to analyze the moderating role of emotional exhaustion in the relationships between longitudinal associations of depression, anxiety, and stress among healthcare workers assisting end-of-life ...

    Authors: Alberto Sardella, Alessandro Musetti, Christian Franceschini, Maria C. Quattropani and Vittorio Lenzo
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:359
  38. The mental health of university students during the COVID-19 pandemic has attracted the attention of researchers. For the present study researchers constructed a mediation model to explore the relationship bet...

    Authors: Yanhua Xu, Yonghui Ni, Jiayan Yang, Jiamin Wu, Yating Lin, Jialu Li, Wei Zeng, Yuqing Zeng, Dongtao Huang, Xingrou Wu, Jinlian Shao, Qian Li and Ziqi Zhu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:357
  39. The relationship between monetary loss and pain has been a recent research focus. Prior studies found similarities in the network representation patterns of monetary loss and pain, particularly social pain. Ho...

    Authors: Yue Zhang, Huixin Tan and Siyang Luo
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:356

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