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  1. This study evaluated the role of overlapping traits and characteristics related to autism spectrum disorder (autism) and anorexia nervosa (AN) in the general population, and the impact of these traits on menta...

    Authors: Kate Fithall, Indigo E Gray, Jake Linardon, Andrea Phillipou, Peter H Donaldson, Natalia Albein-Urios, Peter G Enticott, Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz and Melissa Kirkovski
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:269
  2. Youth with ADHD are at risk of academic impairments, dropping out of high school, and dysfunction in young adulthood. Interventions delivered early in high school could prevent these harmful outcomes, yet few ...

    Authors: Fiona L. Macphee, Stephanie K. Brewer, Margaret H. Sibley, Paulo Graziano, Joseph S. Raiker, Stefany J. Coxe, Pablo Martin, Shauntal J. Van Dreel, Mercedes Ortiz Rodriguez, Aaron R. Lyon and Timothy F. Page
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:268
  3. Pregnancy and the transition to parenthood are accompanied by multiple changes and stress exposure. Resilience has the potential to counteract the negative impact of stress and can be a protective factor again...

    Authors: Sarah Van Haeken, Marijke A.K.A. Braeken, Antje Horsch, Mirjam Oosterman and Annick Bogaerts
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:267
  4. The disease course of head and neck (H&N) cancer can severely impair patients’ quality of life (QoL). In Pakistan, a South Asian lower-middle-income country (LMIC), psychosocial factors may impact QoL. We aime...

    Authors: Nida Zahid, Russell Seth Martins, Zaiba Shafik Dawood, Wajeeha Zahid, Iqbal Azam, Mubasher Ikram, Aneesa Hassan, Shireen Shehzad Bhamani, Nargis Asad, Adnan Abdul Jabbar, Shabbir Akhtar, Moghira Iqbaluddin Siddiqui, Mohammad Sohail Awan and Khabir Ahmad
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:265
  5. This paper expands the understanding of the relationship between spiritual leadership (SPL) and the creative service performance of employees. The research model, based on cognitive evaluation theory, examines...

    Authors: Yu-Wen Chiu, Muhammad Waqas Amin, Sheng Tun Li and Muhammad Ali
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:262
  6. Achieving good death is among the objectives of palliative care in patients with cancer. There should be an instrument for evaluating the quality of palliative care provided by family members at the end of lif...

    Authors: Hosein Mohammadi Roshan, Abbas Ebadi, Leila Karimi and Salman Barasteh
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:261
  7. The current study adopted a person-centered approach to identify distinctive university students’ profiles based on three variables (i.e., three academic motivations, grit, and self-control), regress multiple ...

    Authors: Amal Alhadabi, Ibrahim Al-Harthy, Said Aldhafri and Hussain Alkharusi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:260
  8. Quality of life (QoL) is an important measure in health assessment. It is impacted by unclear factors in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) patients. The study aimed to investigate the factors related to QoL i...

    Authors: Sakineh Hashemi, Sahar Farahbakhsh, Zahra Aghakhani, Ali MomayezanMarnani, Nazi Hemati and Somayeh Hashemi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:259
  9. Patients with pulmonary nodules (PNs) often suffer from the psychological burden of their disease and trap in sleep problems. This is insufficiently identified and addressed in clinical practice. The aim of th...

    Authors: Junhan Wu, Weitao Zhuang, Haijie Xu, Yong Tang, Shaopeng Li, Wei Xu, Xuefeng Sun, Xianglin Li and Guibin Qiao
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:258
  10. Early life stress and adversity conveys risk for emotional, behavioral, and developmental disorders. To address this risk in the preschool population, Mother–Child Emotional Preparation (MCEP) was tested as an...

    Authors: Elizabeth S. Markowitz, Malia C. Maier, Robert J. Ludwig, Judy Austin, Anna M. Maybach, Marc E. Jaffe and Martha G. Welch
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:257
  11. Spirituality and psychological resilience can be considered as a protective factor for coping with anxiety in geriatric populations. The aim of the study was to investigate the structural model related to the ...

    Authors: Mohammadamin Shabani, Zahra Taheri-Kharameh, Abedin Saghafipour, Hoda Ahmari-Tehran, Sadegh Yoosefee and Mohammadali Amini-Tehrani
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:256
  12. Social factors and networks of friends can influence an adolescent’s behavior, including academic performance (AP) in school. This study aimed to analyze the relationship between AP and adolescents’ social net...

    Authors: Milton López-Sánchez, Carlos Mario Arango-Paternina, Jose Petro-Petro, Lucía Lema-Gómez, Cleiber Eusse-López, Jorge Luis Petro, Willinton Watts-Fernández and Fabio Perea-Velásquez
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:255
  13. Scientific developments have brought hope to infertile couples; however, the results are not always favorable. This makes women suffer psychological pressure. Therefore, previous studies have investigated the ...

    Authors: Fatemeh Yahyavi Koochaksaraei, Masoumeh Simbar, Mehrnoosh khoshnoodifar, Mahbobeh Faramarzi and Malihe Nasiri
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:254
  14. The white cane is globally an important tool in orientation and mobility for blind and visually impaired people, but it is not often used. The goal of this study was to develop and validate the white cane use ...

    Authors: Zeinab Rasouli Kahaki, Masoud Karimi, Masoud Taherian and Roghayyeh Simi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:253
  15. Recent studies report that LGBTQ + people have experienced high levels of mental health problems during COVID-19-related social distancing. Given the well-established association between social isolation and m...

    Authors: Christine Firk, Nicola Großheinrich, Norbert Scherbaum and Daniel Deimel
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:252
  16. This study aimed to determine whether individual differences in resilience interacted with those in alcohol consumption habits in situations involving exposure to psychosocial stressors (Trier Social Stress Te...

    Authors: Masaharu Ueno
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:250
  17. Compared to nonsocial information, the human brain is more highly sensitive to social information. As a kind of typical social semantic information, the words describing person traits differ from the nonsocial...

    Authors: Xinfang Fan, Qiang Xu, Juan Liu, Hongwei Xing, Liangyu Ning, Qingwei Chen and Yaping Yang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:249
  18. Attachment avoidance and anxiety have been linked to overweight and poor health behaviours, yet the mechanisms that underpin the relationship between attachment and health behaviours are not fully understood. ...

    Authors: Johanna Eveliina Pyykkö, Chris Hinnen, Ömrüm Aydin, Max Nieuwdorp, L. Maurits De Brauw, Sjoerd C. Bruin, Nienke van Olst, Victor E. A. Gerdes, Robbert Sanderman and Mariët Hagedoorn
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:248
  19. Stress-related disorders such as anxiety and depression are highly prevalent and cause a tremendous burden for affected individuals and society. In order to improve prevention strategies, knowledge regarding r...

    Authors: S. A. Bögemann, A. Riepenhausen, L. M. C. Puhlmann, S. Bar, E. J. C. Hermsen, J. Mituniewicz, Z. C. Reppmann, A. Uściƚko, J. M. C. van Leeuwen, C. Wackerhagen, K. S. L. Yuen, M. Zerban, J. Weermeijer, M. A. Marciniak, N. Mor, A. van Kraaij…
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:245
  20. Depression is a prevalent mental health disorder with a complex etiology and substantial public health implications. Early identification of individuals at risk for depression is crucial for effective interven...

    Authors: Wei Tian, Yafeng Zhang, Xinhao Han, Yan LI, Junping Liu, Hongying Wang, Qiuju Zhang, Yujie Ma and Guangcan Yan
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:244
  21. Attachment theory proposes that attachment security facilitates personal growth. However, attachment security origins in relationship history, and thus, how people treat their experiences may influence the out...

    Authors: Fan Yang and Takashi Oka
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:243

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Psychology 2023 11:266

  22. Diabetes may perceive or experience varying degrees of stigma and psychological distress. The association between diabetes-related stigma and psychological distress has been examined in many studies, but no re...

    Authors: Xiajun Guo, Sijia Wu, Haishan Tang, Yuanyuan Li, Wanglin Dong, Guangli Lu, Shuang Liang and Chaoran Chen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:242
  23. Online game addiction has become a prominent public concern, particularly among emerging adults, warranting in-depth investigation. Despite prior cross-sectional research indicating a negative correlation betw...

    Authors: Bin Gao, Yi Xu, Lu Bai, Gui Luo and Weiyi Li
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:241
  24. Previous research has shown the impact of pandemic communicable diseases on the mental health of healthcare providers. This study examined the relationship between general health, spiritual health, anxiety ass...

    Authors: Daem Roshani, Keivan Saboni and Mohiadin Amjadian
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:240
  25. The concepts of Dark Triad and Psychological Capital (PsyCap) have been extensively researched separately, but until one recent study, their interrelation has not been investigated. Purpose of this study was t...

    Authors: Birgit Stephan, Dominik Lechner, Mariella Stockkamp, Matthias F. C. Hudecek, Dieter Frey and Eva Lermer
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:236
  26. Given the increasing number of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantations (HSCT) performed world-wide, the increasing likelihood of survival following HSCT, and the profound physical, psychosocial, and emotional...

    Authors: Gemma McErlean, Caley Tapp, Lisa Brice, Nicole Gilroy, Masura Kabir, Matt Greenwood, Stephen R Larsen, John Moore, David Gottlieb, Mark Hertzberg, Louisa Brown, Megan Hogg, Gillian Huang, Christopher Ward and Ian Kerridge
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:235
  27. The exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) is undeniably proven significant in mothers’ health and infants’ growth and survival. Its persistence has many familial, social, and economical benefits. Social support is kno...

    Authors: Sepideh Mashayekh-Amiri, Mina Hosseinzadeh, Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi, Sepideh Soltani and Mojgan Mirghafourvand
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:234
  28. Hoarding disorder is characterized by a persistent inability to part with possessions due to a perceived need to keep them, regardless of their actual value. Arabic-speaking populations currently lack a valida...

    Authors: Nour Mohammad Hussain, Dalal Hasan AlMansouri, Muneera AlGhareeb, Yaser Mansoor Almutawa, Omaima Khaled Bucheeri, Mai Helmy, Khaled Trabelsi, Zahra Saif and Haitham Jahrami
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:233
  29. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a broad influence on health and society across the globe, especially on the education sector as its educators have had to continue the provision of teaching and learning opportuni...

    Authors: Ittipaat Suwathanpornkul, Chawapon Sarnkhaowkhom, Manaathar Tulmethakaan, Panida Sakuntanak and Orn-uma Charoensuk
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:232
  30. Resilience is the ability to overcome adversity in response to a potentially traumatic event. It can relieve people’s discomfort and build personal capacity when facing a stressful situation such as beta thala...

    Authors: Masoume Rambod, Saeed Hamidizadeh, Mohammad-Rafi Bazrafshan and Ali Mohammad Parviniannasab
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:231
  31. Exposure to traumatic events in childhood, including bullying, can negatively affect physical and mental health in adulthood. The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of bullying in differe...

    Authors: Júlia Švecová, Jana Furstova, Natália Kaščáková, Jozef Hašto and Peter Tavel
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:230
  32. The incidence of depression is increasing, despite continued advances in psychological and pharmacological interventions. New treatment approaches are urgently needed. Here we assess the effects on depression ...

    Authors: Isabella M. Mader
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:229
  33. To explore the relationship between future self-continuity and problematic mobile video gaming among Chinese college students and to examine the serial mediation of consideration of future consequences and sta...

    Authors: Junxian Shen, Jiansong Zheng and Tao Zhang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:227
  34. The outbreak of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-2019) has resulted in a significant number of diagnosed patients requiring treatment in designated hospitals. However, limited evidence exists regarding the...

    Authors: Ying He, Lei Huang, Jian Chen, Ling Long, Ling Zhang, Xiao Hui, Qingling Zhang, Muzhen Guan, Yuanjun Xie and Jianguo Sun
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:225
  35. Since March 2022, the COVID-19 epidemic has rebounded widely and frequently in China. Healthcare workers have faced grand challenges such as soaring COVID-19 patients, being busy with the nucleic acid screenin...

    Authors: Dongmei Zhang, Congzhi Wang, Ting Yuan, Xiaoping Li, Liu Yang, Anle Huang, Jing Li, Mingming Liu, Yunxiao Lei, Lu Sun, Jing Zhang and Lin Zhang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:224
  36. Successful aging is often linked to individual’s ability to demonstrate resilience: the maintenance or quick recovery of functional ability, well-being, and quality of life despite losses or adversity. A cruci...

    Authors: Lotte P. Brinkhof, K. Richard Ridderinkhof, Jaap M. J. Murre, Harm J. Krugers and Sanne de Wit
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:223
  37. Substantial evidence indicates that maternal depression during pregnancy (i.e., antenatal depression) is associated not only with maternal wellbeing but also with child emotional and behavioural development. C...

    Authors: Jeannette Milgrom, Yafit Hirshler, Charlene Holt, Helen Skouteris, Megan Galbally, Christine East, Vivette Glover, John Reece, Kieran J. O’Donnell, Susan P. Walker, Shannon Malloy and Alan W. Gemmill
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:222
  38. Few studies have examined the psychometric properties of the Social Aptitudes Scale (SAS). The study aims of the current paper were to examine the internal consistency and the validity of the Norwegian SAS.

    Authors: Sabine Kaiser, Børge Mathiassen, Bjørn Helge Handegård, Yngvild Arnesen and Marianne Berg Halvorsen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:221
  39. Covid-19 related school closures radically disrupted children’s access to social and educational opportunities and changed daily life for millions of families across the world. Emerging evidence indicates that...

    Authors: Alison J. Lacey, Robin Banerjee, Lucie Dockalova and Kathryn J. Lester
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:220
  40. A previous study has shown that Japanese individuals generally exhibit behavior that suppresses the expression of positive emotions, which are strongly affected by affectivity traits. In the present study, to ...

    Authors: Toshiki Fukuzaki and Noboru Iwata
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:219

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