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  1. An immediate research priority recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic is well-being among some of our most vulnerable—people with chronic illness. We studied how mental health changed among people with and with...

    Authors: Ozan Aksoy, Alison Fang-Wei Wu, Sevgi Aksoy and Carol Rivas
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:136
  2. Trauma-focused therapies (TFTs) are first-line treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, TFTs are under-utilised, partly due to clinicians’ and patients' fear that TFT is too challenging or...

    Authors: Solveig Flem Gjerstad, Linda Nordin, Stig Poulsen, Erminio Francesco Antares Spadaro and Sabina Palic
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:135
  3. Cultural factors influence attitudes toward death, and gender disparities are evident. Prior studies show that medical students have limited knowledge about death and are uncomfortable with it. Moreover, there...

    Authors: Randah R. Hamadeh, Izzeldin Abuelaish, Susan J. Yousufzai, Yousef AT AlShammari, Yomna E. Ahmed and Haitham A. Jahrami
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:133
  4. Changing from a static to a dynamic balance condition could affect the performance of a cognitive task such as mental rotation. Thus, the main goal of this study is to investigate aspects of visual-spatial cog...

    Authors: Samiha Amara, Badriya Al-Hadabi, Heba El-Ashkar, Nabil Gmada, Hamdi Habacha and Bessem Mkaouer
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:131

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Psychology 2024 12:198

  5. Mounting evidence suggests that the effectiveness of positive psychology interventions is influenced by a variety of factors, including cultural context. Identifying intervention targets that can effectively c...

    Authors: Norberto Eiji Nawa and Noriko Yamagishi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:130
  6. Most young children (0–3 years) attend formal childcare in Denmark, many of them fulltime. Yet recent reports of the quality of Danish childcare centers have shown that in more than one-third of nurseries, the...

    Authors: Sophie Reijman, Clara Christensen Vieira, Tina Wahl Haase, Katrien O. W. Helmerhorst, Maiken Pontoppidan, Sofie Amalie Grosen, Ida Egmose, Katrine Røhder and Mette Skovgaard Vaever
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:127
  7. As the incidence of mental disorders continues to rise, and pharmacy staff can significantly affect the willingness of patients with mental disorders to seek help; we aimed to evaluate the stigmatizing attitud...

    Authors: Fatemeh Shirvaniyan, Negin Eissazade, Seved Vahid Shariat, Noushin Khademoreza, Masoomeh Daneshvar and Mohammadreza Shalbafan
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:126
  8. The positive association of parental phubbing with internalising and externalising problems among adolescents has gained academic traction. To date, limited research has investigated the association of parenta...

    Authors: Saifang Liu, Peiqian Wu, Xiaoxi Han, Mengyun Wang, Yuecui Kan, Kuiyuan Qin and Jijun Lan
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:125
  9. Teacher support encompasses the provision of educational, instrumental, sentimental, or evaluative assistance by a teacher to a student, regardless of the setting. Learning a new language brings with it differ...

    Authors: Lan Huang, Anwar Hammad Al-Rashidi and Sania Bayat
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:124
  10. Eating disorders (EDs), such as (atypical) Anorexia (AN) and Bulimia Nervosa (BN), are difficult to treat, causing socioeconomic impediments. Although enhanced cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT-E) is widely co...

    Authors: Suzanne H. W. Mares, Jeffrey Roelofs, Janôt Zinzen, Manouk Béatse, Hermien J. Elgersma, Ruben M. W. A. Drost, Silvia M. A. A. Evers and Annemarie A. van Elburg
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:123
  11. Becoming a caregiver can be a transformative journey with profound, multifaceted implications for well-being. However, existing research predominantly emphasizes the negative aspects of caregiving, paying less...

    Authors: Fredrik Methi, Ragnhild Bang Nes, Vegard Skirbekk and Thomas Hansen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:120
  12. With this study, we aimed to explore the emotional experiences of sick-listed employees facing imminent job loss, as this emotional distress may hinder successful job search outcomes. The study had two objecti...

    Authors: Janske H. W. van Eersel, Inge L. Hulshof, Miriam I. Wickham, Geert E. Smid and Paul A. Boelen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:118
  13. The COVID-19 pandemic has been associated with increased body dissatisfaction and disordered eating behaviors in adolescents. To better understand these associations, this study tested an explanatory model in ...

    Authors: Christopher Rodrigue, Rachel F. Rodgers, Noémie Carbonneau, Catherine Bégin and Jacinthe Dion
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:117
  14. To analyze factors influencing the service experience of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination and psychological status of patients admitted to a hospital and propose targeted solutions, and optimize th...

    Authors: Shu-ping Zhou, Xin-cui Wan, Xiao-dan Wang, Xiao-man Zhang, Yun-han Yu and Wen-jun Wang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:115
  15. Identifying moral behavior in complex situations is the key ability for children to develop prosocial behavior. The theory of mind (ToM) and empathy provide the cognition and emotional motivation required for ...

    Authors: Jun Du, Yuan Liang, Di Guo and Ying Xiao
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:112
  16. Experiential avoidance (EA) is a psychological mechanism associated with several mental health disorders and is regarded as a relevant target by third-generation cognitive behavioral therapies. It has been mai...

    Authors: Álvaro I. Langer, Fernando P. Ponce, Jorge L. Ordóñez-Carrasco, Reiner Fuentes-Ferrada, Scarlett Mac-Ginty, Jorge Gaete and Daniel Núñez
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:111
  17. Humans are typically inept at evaluating their abilities and predispositions. People dismiss such a lack of metacognitive insight into their capacities while even enhancing (albeit illusorily) self-evaluation ...

    Authors: Daisuke Matsuyoshi, Ayako Isato and Makiko Yamada
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:108
  18. This study delves into the correlation between Corona Virus Anxiety (CVA) and the engagement as well as academic resilience of Chinese students. The context is set against the backdrop of the global pandemic, ...

    Authors: Xiaoling Yang and Yanmeng Geng
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:107
  19. Geolocation apps have radically transformed dating practices around the world, with profound sociocultural implications. Few studies, however, have explored their addictive potential or factors that are associ...

    Authors: Germano Vera Cruz, Elias Aboujaoude, Lucien Rochat, Francesco Bianchi-Demicheli and Yasser Khazaal
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:106
  20. There has been an increasing number of papers which explore the representation of mental health on social media using various social media platforms and methodologies. It is timely to review methodologies empl...

    Authors: Lucy Tudehope, Neil Harris, Lieke Vorage and Ernesta Sofija
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:105
  21. As an emerging business model, merchants are selling surplus food in blind boxes, which provides new opportunities for reducing waste and promoting sustainable development. Surplus food blind boxes, however, h...

    Authors: Jie Sun, Yanan Wang, Chun Yang, Jiangjie Chen, Wei Wei, Wei Miao, Hanchu Sun and Chao Gu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:103
  22. The WHO-5 Wellbeing Index is a widely used tool for assessing psychological well-being. Despite its global application, its adaptation and validation for the Azerbaijani population had not been previously expl...

    Authors: Bakhtiyar Aliyev, Elnur Rustamov, Seydi Ahmet Satici and Ulkar Zalova Nuriyeva
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:100
  23. This study explores the relationship between physical health beliefs and physical exercise behavior intention of college students and constructs a mediation model through the mediation role of exercise imagery.

    Authors: Li Zhang, Donghuan Bai, Pengwei Song and Jia Zhang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:99
  24. Previous research has found only a small, inconsistent association between hedonic consumption and subjective well-being, often attributed to individuals adapting to the happiness gains from their purchases. G...

    Authors: Joe J. Gladstone, Peter M. Ruberton, Seth Margolis and Sonja Lyubomirsky
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:98
  25. The development of children’s gender roles in single-parent families is worthy of attention. It may be affected by family members’ gender roles and parental child-rearing gender-role attitudes (PCGA). PCGA wil...

    Authors: I-Jun Chen, Xiaoxiao Wang, Zhiyin Sun, Panlin Tang and Peiyi Chen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:96
  26. Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a rare neurodevelopmental disorder that is often comorbid with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Due to the close association between these two conditions, and recognizing that The...

    Authors: Ane Perosanz, Oscar Martínez, Patricia Espinosa-Blanco, Irune García, Mohammad Al-Rashaida and Juan Francisco López-Paz
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:94
  27. The prevalence of mental disorders in adolescents has a considerable impact on daily life, restricting tasks and diminishing overall quality of life while potentially leading to stigmatization. This study aims...

    Authors: Gislene Meilsmeidth, Maria João Trigueiro, Vítor Simões-Silva, Raquel Simões de Almeida, Paula Portugal, Paulo Veloso Gomes, Sara de Sousa, Filipa Campos, Pedro Monteiro, Ana Paula Soutelo and António Marques
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:93
  28. Late-life internal migration is frequently associated with a higher risk of depression in older parents. This research delves into the impact of intergenerational emotional cohesion (IEC) on depression in olde...

    Authors: Ruyue Deng, Shiyuan Yan, Lin Zhang, Yanjie Hou, Hao Wang, Wenjing Zhang and Jun Yao
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:92
  29. Using the event-related potentials (ERPs) technique, this study successively presented names (in either a supra- or subthreshold manner) and emotional words to examine how self-relevant cue (self-name) affects...

    Authors: Ping Zhang, Yidan Song, Endale Tadesse, Sabika Khalid, Chunhai Gao and Weijun Li
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:90
  30. This research examines the nuanced challenges confronting Chinese university students within the dynamic milieu of Chinese education. The study comprehensively investigates factors encompassing educational pro...

    Authors: Qinglei Wang, Nor Eeza Zainal Abidin, Mohd Salleh Aman, Nina Wang, Luhong Ma and Pan Liu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:89
  31. Adolescence is a stage of life characterised by vulnerability, which shapes young people’s trajectories and potentially influences their behaviour. In this crucial period, the promotion of prosocial behaviours...

    Authors: Alba González Moreno and María del Mar Molero Jurado
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:88

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