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Table 1 Differences in attachment, spirituality and mood-related psychiatric burden between young adults with a Hindu compared to a Roman Catholic upbringing

From: The relationship between existential well-being and mood-related psychiatric burden in Indian young adults with attachment deficits: a cross-cultural validation study

MeasuresHinduRoman Catholic 
 1. Anxiety6.695.204.573.9445.69**.05
 2. Depression6.**.01
 3. Somatization4.**.03
 4. GSI17.0412.0512.8010.1135.10**.04
 5. AX3.
 6. AV3.39.902.451.05145.57**.14
 7. EWB108.8312.78107.0215.483.14.00
 8. RWB98.3811.0476.6518.91352.59**.28
 9. RSWB203.6620.26183.6729.99109.56**.11
  1. **p < .01, Roman Catholic = Sample of our previous study [11], BSI-18 Brief Symptom Inventory-18, GSI Global Severity Index, ECR-RD Experience in Close Relationships – Revised, AX Anxious Attachment, AV Avoidant Attachment, MI-RSWB Multidimensional Inventory of Religious/Spiritual Well-Being, EWB Existential Well-Being, RWB Religious Well-Being, RSWB Religious/Spiritual Well-Being