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Table 3 DIF on age, gender, educational attainment and socio-economic conditions of the four domains of 19-item modified WHOQOL scale

From: Psychometric evaluation of the modified 19-item Bengali version of WHOQOL scale using Rasch analysis: a cross-sectional study of a rural district in Bangladesh

 DIF on AgeDIF on GenderDIF on EducationDIF on Socio-economic Status
Physical domain
 Pain (3)0.721.
 Dependence of medical aids (4)1.451.460.232.592.560.112.222.500.050.510.510.48
 Energy (10)0.791.030.312.303.850.053.344.370.
 Mobility (15)3.444.430.
 Activities of daily living (17)
Psychological domain
 Positive feeling (5)
 Concentration (7)1.361.890.
 Bodily image (11)1.742.200.140.901.130.290.891.120.290.450.560.45
 Self-esteem (19)0.220.330.570.670.960.330.010.020.890.030.040.84
Social domain
 Personal relationship (20)1.081.850.
 Sexual activity (21)1.812.680.100.220.310.580.170.260.611.101.600.21
 Social support (22)0.280.380.540.640.890.350.020.030.861.211.690.20
Environmental domain
 Security (8)0.991.290.261.321.720.191.882.470.
 Physical environment (9)2.763.650.
 Financial support (12)1.972.
 Accessibility of information (13)2.122.930.
 Leisure activity (14)
  1. *P ≤ 0.01 indicates significant difference after Bonferroni corrections for five items for the physical and the environmental domain. (any p values > 0.01 will be considered non-significant at 0.05 level)
  2. MS Mean square and F F test value.