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Table 1 Schedule of enrollment, assessments, and interventions

From: Mechanisms of processing speed training and transfer effects across the adult lifespan: protocol of a multi-site cognitive training study

Measure Study phase and timepoint
Pre-assessment Pretest Intervention Posttest Follow-Up
T0–P T0–Q T1–V1 T1–V2 T1–R S1–S10 T2–V1 T2–V2 T3–V1 T3–V2
Eligibility screening and conditional enrolment X          
Informed consenta   X X        
MoCA assessment, confirmation of eligibility, and final enrolment    X        
Randomization      X      
Active control: Simple RT       X     
Experimental—low: Choice RT       X     
Experimental—medium: Switching       X     
Experimental—high: Dual tasking       X     
Assessment of Training and Near Transfer Gains           
Simple RT tasks (drawings, shapes, numbers)     X     X   X
Choice RT tasks (drawings, shapes, numbers)     X     X   X
Switching tasks (drawings, shapes, numbers)     X     X   X
Dual tasks (drawings, shapes, numbers)     X     X   X
Assessment of Far Transfer Gains           
Working memory           
 Updating    X     X   X  
 Binding    X     X   X  
 Continuous reproduction    X     X   X  
Inhibitory control           
 Go/no-go    X     X   X  
 Number stroop    X     X   X  
 Simon    X     X   X  
 Matrix reasoning    X     X   X  
 Paper folding    X     X   X  
 Letter sets    X     X   X  
Everyday cognitive functioning           
 Cognitive Failures  Questionnaire (CFQ)    X     X   X  
 Questionnaire d’Auto-évaluation de la Mémoire (QAM)    X     X   X  
 Everyday Problems Test (EPT)    X     X   X  
Assessment of Individual Characteristics           
Socioeconomic background   X         
Cognitive training experience and motivation   X         
Computer and internet literacy   X         
Self-rated physical health   X         
General self-rated health    X     X   X  
Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale—21 Items (DASS-21)   X         
Activities of Daily Living-Prevention Instrument (ADL-PI)    X     X   X  
Leisure activities   X         
Active driving   X         
Big Five Inventory (BFI)   X         
Short Grit Scale (Grit-S)   X         
Theories of Intelligence Scale (TIS)    X     X   X  
Exercise Self-Efficacy Scale (EXSE)   X         
General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE)    X     X   X  
Perceived training benefits           X
Training review           X
Daily factors    X X   X X X X X
  1. T time, P phone screening, Q questionnaires, V visit to the laboratory, R randomization, S session, MoCA Montreal Cognitive Assessment, RT reaction time
  2. aParticipants in Sheffield will give consent online before completing the pre-assessment questionnaires, and participants in Hamburg and Montréal will give consent at their first visit to the laboratory