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Table 1 Impact scores for the items of CLS-H-SF scale

From: The compassionate love for humanity scale (CLS-H-SF): psychometric properties of the Persian version

Item Difficulty Ambiguity Relevancy
1. When I hear about someone (a stranger) going through a difficult time, I feel a great deal of compassion for him or her 4.14 4.05 4.05
2. It is easy for me to feel the pain (and joy) experienced by others, even though I do not know them 4.8 4.23 3.52
3. If I encounter a stranger who needs help, I would do almost anything I could to help him or her 4.05 4.7 3.96
4. I feel considerable compassionate love for people from everywhere 4.05 4.8 4.6
5. I tend to feel compassion for people even though I do not know them 4.7 4.8 4.7
6. One of the activities that provide me with the most meaning in my life is helping others in the world who need help 3.96 4.7 4.8
7. I often have tender feelings toward people (strangers) when they seem to be in need 4.8 4.7 4.23
8. I feel selfless caring for most of mankind 1.75 2.87 3.87
9. If a person (a stranger) is troubled, I usually feel extreme tenderness and caring 4.05 4.8 3.28