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Table 1 Positive thinking program

From: Effects of a positive thinking program on hope and sleep quality in Iranian patients with thalassemia: a randomized clinical trial

1st Session Explanation of procedures and reasons for our specific selections, introduction to the concept of positive thinking, group introductions and a review of rules
2nd Session Factors affecting health, familiarity with changeable and unchangeable elements in life
3rd Session Steps to accepting the unchangeable conditions of life, ways to deal with unchangeable conditions in life
4th Session Ways to overcome depression, specification of values and goals in life
5th Session Assessment of satisfaction with life and the ability to live happily, being positive by challenging negative thoughts, use of productive language and reconsideration in beliefs
6th Session Anger Management
7th Session Connecting with the present time through mindfulness meditation
8th Session Experiencing the present time through mindfulness and a recapitulation of contents presented during the course