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Table 2 Outcome measures

From: Effects of a gratitude intervention program on work engagement among Japanese workers: a protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial

Measurement Aim Baseline (T1) 1-month follow-up (T2) 3-month follow-up (T3) 6-month follow-up (T4)
Primary outcome      
 UWES Work engagement X X X X
Secondary outcome      
 GAWS Gratitude at work X X X X
 GSES Sense of coherence X X X X
 SOCS Self-efficacy X X X X
 BJSQ Coworker support X X X X
Supervisor support X X X X
 TOMH well-being-24 Eudaimonic well-being at work X X X X
 K6 Psychological distress X X X X
 WHO-HPQ Work performance X X X X
  1. UWES, Utrecht Work Engagement Scale; GAWS, Gratitude At Work Scale; GSES, General Self-Efficacy Scale; SOCS, Sense Of Coherence Scale; BJSQ, Brief Job Stress Questionnaire; TOMH well-being-24, The University of Tokyo Occupational Mental Health well-being scale; K6, Kessler's psychological distress scale; WHO-HPQ; Health Performance Questionnaire