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Table 1 Psychological parameters investigated in the SCL-90-R questionnaire [10]

From: The use of a psychological testing instrument as an indicator of dissatisfaction with aesthetic dental treatment – a preliminary study

Somatization (SOM)Reflects distress arising from perceptions of bodily dysfunction
Obsessive compulsive (O-C)Focuses on thoughts, impulses, and actions that are experienced as unremitting and irresistible and of an ego-alien or unwanted nature
Interpersonal sensitivity (I-S)Feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, particularly in comparison with other people
Depression (DEP)Reflects a representative range of the manifestations of clinical depression. Symptoms of dysphoric mood and affect are represented as are signs of withdrawal of life interest, lack of motivation, and loss of vital energy
Hostility (HOS)Reflects thoughts, feelings, or actions that are characteristic of a negative affected state of anger.
Anxiety (ANX)General signs of anxiety such as nervousness, tension and trembling as well as panic attacks and feeling of terror, apprehension and dread
Phobic Anxiety (PHOB)Persistent fear response to a specific person, place, object or situation that is irrational and disproportionate to the stimulus and leads to avoidance or escape behavior
Paranoid Ideation (PAR)Represents paranoid behavior fundamentally as disordered mode of thinking
Psychoticism (PSY)Represents the construct as a continuous dimensionand reflects reflect a graduated continuum from mild social alienation to first-rank symptoms of psychosis
Global Severity Index (GSI)The average rating given to the 90 items of psychological symptoms and represents the overall psychological distress level
Positive Symptom Distress Index (PSDI)The average rating given to those symptoms that are self-reported (ie. not rated ‘0’) and represents the intensity of symptoms
Positive Symptom Total (PST)Measures the number of self-reported symptoms that were rated higher than ‘0’