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Table 2 Descriptive coding tree from the findings of the investigated themes

From: The experience of sudden loss of a colleague or neighbor following the MH17 plane crash in the Ukraine: a qualitative interview study

Relationship to victim The day of the disaster The first weeks Identification 18 months after the incident Commemoration: The first period Commemoration: 18 months after the incident Practical consequences Unlike a car accident Media attention Attending national commemoration event
Close Disbelief Focus on work /distraction Informed by family or manager Recovering slowly Activities varied Missing coworkers Work continuation Unfair Hard to escape Not attending
Bond Sadness Sleep problems Avoidance Missing the victim Flowers and candles Compassion Privacy issues Uncertainty Excessive Need to be acknowledged / recognized
Trust Denial Headaches Searching for information   Memorial Dilemmas Confronting what the victims left behind Hard to understand Stressful  
Intensity varies Anger Pain Poorly informed   Meetings Workload reduction   Extreme Blame games  
Friend Shock Feeling sad     Days off     
   Health care utilization/ medication     Avoidance