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Table 1 Measurement methods and time points

From: Psychosocial impact of prognostic genetic testing in uveal melanoma patients: a controlled prospective clinical observational study

Psychological VariablesMeasurement MethodDescriptiont0t1t2t3t4
ResilienceSOC-13 [28]13 Items, range: 7–91
Social SupportSozU-K-22 [29,30,31]22 Items, range: 1–5
Fear of ProgressionFear of Progression Questionnaire [32, 33]43 Items, range: 1–5
General DistressDistress Thermometer [34]1 Item. range: 0–10
Depression and AnxietyHADS-D [35]14 Items; Depression range: 0–21; Anxiety range: 0–21
Health-related quality of life (Mental and Physical)SF-12 [36]12 items, Mental range: 12.60–71.80, Physical range: 11.67–64.92
Perceived RiskVisual Analogue Scale (VAS)1 Item, range: 0–10
Utilization of and satisfaction with psycho-oncological interventionsDocumentation formQualitative: Frequency, satisfaction