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Table 4 Participants’ qualitative responses to expectations and experiences with NET

From: Exposure therapy for PTSD during pregnancy: a feasibility, acceptability, and case series study of Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)

Case ID Treatment Expectations Treatment Experiences
What are your reasons for participating in NET? What are your concerns about participating in NET? What did you like about the program?
What would you change?
001 I feel it will help me deal with things I have never really addressed That it will make me think even more about these past events I like that we used both good and bad memory's and experiences
Nothing I think it was great
002 I want to be happy again and feel better about myself and my family That it won’t work Everything
008 I know how I'm feeling isn't normal and I'm okay with that. I would like tools on how to deal with stressful situations better and how to feel okay. I don't want to feel sad or nervous I'm not interested in medication Being able to talk through my experiences and realize what I've been through was therapeutic. Being in a safe place to actualize and work through helped open up paths to healing
Counseling for after
009 To let everything I been keeping inside of me out Would it really help me better myself? That I have finally spoke to someone about my pass that I would build inside me for years and having trouble in trusting anyone and letting them in. Thank you very much!!
I would change nothing about it. It helped me relieve myself and stay positive about situation and change my whole mood of each day. Giving myself HAPPINESS
010 I want to be able to enjoy my pregnancy without fear and guilt No concerns The thing I like the most is looking back into my own memories to recognize those that changed me as a person
I wish it would of last longer
011 I've never done counseling/therapy and was interested in the process. I thought it might be helpful Finding time to come to treatment I like the concept of making a narrative about my life history and going through all the major events. It shows you that there are a number of happy events in your life as well as some of the unhappy, challenging events. I like attaching a physical aspect to the life event like the flower or the rock. I like how the program was free
Nothing right now
012 How to block my past None Story. The patience and genuine care the counselor provided
Nothing I loved it
013 I am interested in this program to get the proper help I need to bring my baby into this world with no bad energy within me or around me None The counselor was very opened, nice, and patient
Having more time