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Table 2 Aims for each phase of group interpersonal therapy for adolescents with depression in Nepal

From: Culturally and developmentally adapting group interpersonal therapy for adolescents with depression in rural Nepal

Phase Aims
Pre-group Session 1: adolescent
1. Explore the IPT problem area
2. Help the adolescent to link depression and IPT problem areas
3. Gather information about key interpersonal relationships and history of depression
Session 2: adolescent and parent/caregiver
1. Obtain the parent/caregiver’s consent and mobilise support for the adolescent’s participation in groups
2. Continue to strengthen rapport with the adolescent and start to build trust with the parent/caregiver
Initial 1. Help group members to feel safe and comfortable with each other so they feel able to share their experiences of depression
2. Encourage group members to review their IPT problem areas and goals
3. Explain how IPT works and create hope of recovery
Middle 1. Continue to make group members feel comfortable and encourage them to share experiences of depression
2. Help group members to listen to each other and offer ideas for dealing with problems
3. Encourage group members to try out new ideas
4. Help group members to act in a caring way towards one another
5. Continue to show that there is hope and that each group member can make changes in their life and feel better
Termination 1. Review what has happened during treatment and if/how issues related to the IPT problem area were resolved
2. Support group members to celebrate their success and say goodbye to each other
3. Make plans about how each group member can address any future or recurring problems
  1. IPT interpersonal therapy