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Table 1 Parenting[al] Stress Index (PSI) subscales

From: Early detection of parenting stress in mothers of preterm infants during their first-year home

Maternal Stress Perceptions of Child Domain Subscales
Hyperactivity (DI)
High raw scores associated with behaviors, e.g., overactivity, restlessness, distractibility, short attention span, does not seem to listen, or Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity.
Adaptability (AD)High raw scores associated with characteristics that make parenting task more difficult due to child’s inability to adjust to changes in physical or social environment
Reinforces Parent (RE)High raw score associated with parents not experiencing positive reinforcement from child
Demandingness (DE)High raw scores associated with parent experiencing child as placing many demands
Mood (MO)High raw scores associated with child whose affective functioning shows evidence of dysfunction
Acceptability (AC)High raw scores associated with child’s physical, intellectual and emotional characteristics that do not match parental expectations
Child Domain (CD)Total stress raw score of above Child Subscales
Maternal Stress Perceptions of her Own Parental Domain Subscales
Competence (CO)High raw scores may be due to factors such as parent’s real or perceived inability to care for child, lack of acceptance/criticism from spouse, first time parent’s inexperience, limited child management skills
Isolation (IS)High raw scores may be associated with social isolation from peers, relatives due to child care
Attachment (AT)High raw scores may be associated with absence of emotional closeness with child, e.g., cold pattern of parent-child interactions, parent’s real or perceived inability to understand child’s feelings and/or needs accurately
Health (HE)High raw scores may suggest deterioration in parental health
Role Restriction (RO)High raw scores suggest parental role as restricting parent’s freedom and frustration in attempting to maintain his/her own identity
Depression (DP)High raw scores are suggestive of significant parental depression
Spouse (SP)High raw scores relate to parents who lack the emotional and active support of the other partner in child management
Parental Domain (PD)Total Stress raw scores of above parental Subscales
Total Stress (TS)Sum of Child and Parental Subscales (CD + PD)
Life Stress (LS)High raw scores relate to current stress experienced outside the parent-child relationships