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Table 2 Bivariate associations between indices of emotional arousal and covariates during a mid-treatment exposure

From: How anxious is too anxious? State and trait physiological arousal predict anxious youth’s treatment response to brief cognitive behavioral therapy

1. Tonic SCL     9.944.87
2. RSQ at Session 40.31    5.642.06
3. Peak-SUDS0.140.12   5.141.86
4. Habituation-SUDS−0.07−0.300.50*  2.552.06
5. Exposure length−0.19−0.050.00−0.02 6.262.52
6. Session number0.070.370.17−0.20−0.15
7. Age−0.110.04−0.24−0.270.25−0.2011.381.66
  1. Note: Tonic SCL: Mean and SD are given for non-transformed data to ease interpretation with extent literature. RSQ response to stress survey, physiological arousal subscale
  2. *p < .05