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Table 1 Demographics

From: How anxious is too anxious? State and trait physiological arousal predict anxious youth’s treatment response to brief cognitive behavioral therapy

 Exposure Assessment
(n = 18)
Age (years) -- Mean (SD)11.38 (1.66)
Female9 (50%)
Race or ethnic group
 Caucasian14 (77.8%)
 African-American1 (5.5%)
 Biracial3 (16.7%)
Family socioeconomic status – Median
 Family Income100,000
Primary anxiety disorder diagnosis
 Separation anxiety disorder5
 Social anxiety disorder3
 Generalized anxiety disorder10
Anxiety Severity -- Mean (SD)
 PARS Pre-Treatment12.28 (3.10)
 PARS Post-Treatment7.44 (3.62)
 PARS 2-month Follow-up5.53 (3.56)