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Table 1 Themes of intervention task reminder questionnaires for supervisors (SQ1–3) and employees (TQ1–10). The structure of each questionnaire is the same for the treatment (Cognitive ergonomics intervention, CE) and active control (Recovery support intervention, RS) groups; only the content differs. Each task questionnaire includes an invitation and information on the study and presents the key issue of the reminder, that is, what themes the team should discuss

From: Effects of a cognitive ergonomics workplace intervention (CogErg) on cognitive strain and well-being: a cluster-randomized controlled trial. A study protocol

Questionnaire themeSQ1TQ1TQ2TQ3TQ4TQ5SQ2TQ6TQ7TQ8TQ9TQ10SQ3
Practices for implementing ground rules; factors that support or prevent implementation (1 MCQ/ 2 OQ)x     x      
Level of ground-rule implementation (1 MCQ/ 2OQ)x     x     x
Which working methods and ground rules are implemented; factors promoting and preventing implementation (3 OQ)      x      
Number of tasks and how well the unit completed them (2 MCQ/ 1 OQ)            x
Invitation to workshop, evaluation of personal value of managing CE or RS (6MCQ) x           
Evaluation of self-perceived stress and recovery (2 MCQ) x     x   x 
Evaluation of task completion (2 MCQ) xxxxx xxxxx 
Determining goals to improve workflow (group discussion) (1OQ) x           
Presentation of units’ common working methods and ground rules (2 MCQ/ 2 OQ)  x          
Naming working methods and ground rules that both single employees and their units decided to follow   xxx  xxx  
Frequency of following ground rules related to content*; factors that support or prevent achievement of goals (1 MCQ/ 2 OQ)   x    x    
Frequency of following ground rule-related content**; factors that support or prevent achievement of goals (1 MCQ/ 2 OQ)    x    x   
Frequency of following ground-rule content***; factors that support or prevent achievement of goals (1 MCQ/ 2OQ)     x    x  
How implementation of ground rules is going; factors that support or prevent achievement of goals (3 MCQ/ 3OQ)       x     
Group- and individual-level implementation of new working methods (2 MCQ/ 2OQ)           x 
  1. MCQ multiple choice question, OQ optional question, writing down other rules that unit have agreed on and other comments and thoughts *Content for CE: Reducing distractions and for RS: Managing strain; **Content for CE: controlling interruptions and for RS: Promoting recovery; ***Content for CE: managing information overload and for RS: Improving work/life balance