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Table 1 Data collection for the evaluation

From: Exploring the effect of the ‘Growing Together’ parenting education kit on early parenting - study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

  2 month survey 6 month interview Partner survey 12 month survey
Views of the care and information received during pregnancy, birth and postnatal X X X  
Views and experiences of the Growing Together kit (intervention) X X X X
Experience of motherhood – EMQ [18]   X   
Parental emotional wellbeing - EPDS [19] & K6 [20] X X X X
Health-seeking for baby’s or mother’s wellbeing   X   
Developmental, emotional and physical health of infant (e.g. infant feeding; infant sleeping; infant temperament [21])   X   X
Parents’ knowledge and confidence [22]   X X X
Parenting behaviour and parent-child interactions [21, 23]   X X X