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Table 3 Adjusted Intervention Effects

From: Music-instruction intervention for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder: a randomized pilot study

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Depression Cognitive Failures Social Functioning Health-related Quality of Life
Intervention Effect −9.7 (p = 0.01) −6.3 (p = 0.02) −4.4 (p = 0.31) −1.9 (p = 0.10) 0.03 (p = 0.75)
  1. Adjusted for age, gender, race/ethnicity, marital status and OEF/OIF status, variables found to differ by chance across randomized groups. All models further control for baseline values of the outcomes as well as clustering (multiple observations for individuals randomized to the delayed entry arm of the study). Statistical signficance at or below the threshold of p < 0.05 are marked in bold