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Table 2 Content of the core-questionnaire COS (Consequence of Screening)

From: Consequences of screening in cervical cancer: development and dimensionality of a questionnaire

Themes or single items The items of the COS. The number indicates the order of appearance in the questionnaire
Part I
Anxiety 2. worried about my future
3. scared
12. upset
13. restless
14. nervous
23. terrified
25. shocked
Behavioural 4. irritable
5. quieter than normal
8. hard to concentrate
10. change in appetite
17. withdrawn into myself
20. difficulty dealing work or other commitments
22. difficulty doing things around the house
Sense of dejection 1. worried
9. time passed slowly
11. sad
15. uneasy
18. unable to cope
19. depressed
Sleep 6. slept badly
16. taken long time to fall asleep
21. woken up far too early in the morning
24. awake most of the night
Single items 7. busy to take mind off things
71. less interest in sex
33. sick leave
Part II
Cervical cancer 3. anxiety about cervical cancer
13. not cervical cancer
Relaxed/calm 4. relaxed
8. calm
17. relieved
Social relations 5. family
6. friends
7. other people
Existential values 1. broader aspects of life
2. enjoyment of life
9. thought about future
10. well-being
11.awareness of life
12. value life
Impulsivity 14. energy
16. lived life to the full
19. being impulsive
21. desire to venture into something new
22. desire to venture into something risky
23. done some things that overstepped one’s bound
Empathy 15. responsibility for one’s family
18. understand other people’s problems
20. ability to listen to other people’s problems