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Table 3 Correlation matrix of predictor and criterion variables in the current study

From: An exploration of the link between adult attachment and problematic Facebook use

1. Social comparison                
2. Impression management0.47**               
3. Self-disclosure0.40**0.21**              
4. Intrusive-social0.45**0.42**0.43**             
5. Intrusive-emotional0.39**0.33**0.36**0.54**            
6. Intrusive-risky/impulsive0.44**0.40**0.32**0.53**0.60**           
7. Attachment anxiety0.42**0.42**0.26**0.37**0.25**0.32**          
8. Attachment avoidance0.22**0.39**0.19**0.28**0.17**0.21**0.59**         
9. Stress0.37**0.35**0.26**0.36**0.22**0.28**0.43**0.24**        
  1. Note: ** p < .001