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Table 2 Schedule of enrolment, intervention, and assessments (SPIRIT)

From: Promoting psychosocial well-being following stroke: study protocol for a randomized, controlled trial

Time point Enrolment -t1 4–8 weeks post-stroke Data collection t1 at time of enrolment Allocation Immediately following data collection t1 Intervention period 4 weeks-6 months post-stroke Data collection t2 6 months post-stroke Data collection t3 12 months post-stroke
 Eligibility screen X      
 Informed consent X      
 Randomization    X    
 Intervention: Psychosocial dialogues     X   
 Control: Usual care     X   
 Primary outcome:       
  GHQ 28   X    X X
 Secondary outcomes:       
  SAQOL 39   X    X X
  SOC 13   X    X X
  Yale   X    X X
 Characteristics of sample:       
  Demographics   X    X X
  Lee 5   X    X X
  FQ 2   X    X X
  Medical information X X    X X
  NIHSS X      
  UAS   X