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Table 1 The CANparent programmes in the three voucher areas

From: The effectiveness of universal parenting programmes: the CANparent trial

Provider CANparent class/s Area/s (Year 1) Delivery mode (Year 1) Year 2 changes
Derbyshire County Council Bringing Up Children High Peak • f2f group
• f2f 1:1
• online
Family Lives Parents Together High Peak • online Camden also
Family Matters Institute Triple P High Peak • online
• blended (3 versions)
Camden & Middlesbrough also
City Lit [Various names e.g. ‘Once Upon a Time’] Camden • blended None
Coram Parents as Teachers (Born 2 Learn) Camden • f2f group None
Parent Gym Parent Gym Camden • f2f group
• online (live)
Barnardos 1–2-3 Magic Middlesbrough • f2f group None
Caring Start (HighScope) Middlesbrough • f2f group None
Comfortzone Middlesbrough • f2f group None
Playgroup Network sessions Middlesbrough • f2f group None
Family Links The Nurturing Programme – 2-session version All areas • f2f group (plus book or DVD) None
NCT NCT CANparent All areas • f2f
• online
Online: Camden & Middlesbrough also; blended option added
Race Equality Foundation Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) – adapted version All areas • f2f group
• online
• blended
Save the Children Families and Schools Together (FAST) All areas • f2f group None
Solihull Approach, Heart of England NHS Trust Solihull Approach Parenting Group All areas • f2f group
• online
Online: Camden & Middlesbrough also
  1. Note: f2f = face-to-face