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Table 5 Measures of child matreatment employed in synthesized studies

From: Consequences of child emotional abuse, emotional neglect and exposure to intimate partner violence for eating disorders: a systematic critical review

Measure (Original Author) Number of Studies (n) Citation of Sources Using this Measure
Childhood Trauma Questionnaire [55,56,57] (n = 12) Utzinger et al. [33], Mason et al. [30], Michopoulos et al. [17], Moulton et al. [14], Brooke and Mussap [41], Burns et al. [40], Becker and Grilo [36], Bardone-Cone et al. [49], Messman-Moore and Garrigus [43], Fosse and Holen [45], Grilo and Masheb [37], Grilo and Masheb [38]
Childhood Trauma Interview [87] (n = 1) Wonderlich et al. [44]
Child Abuse and Trauma Scale [88] (n = 1) Kent et al. [47]
Childhood Experiences of Violence Questionnaire [89] (n = 1) Afifi et al. [52]
Parental Bonding Instrument [90] (n = 1) Mullen et al. [51]
Psychological Maltreatment Inventory [91] (n = 1) Witkiewitz and Dodge-Reyome [46]
PSY Scale [92] (n = 1) Rorty et al. [50]
Trauma Antecedents Questionnaire [93] (n = 1) van der Kolk et al. [31]
Author-Specific/Single Item Measures (e.g. “As a child, do you remember being verbally abused?” “While growing up, did you see or hear family violence-such as your gather hitting your mother, or any family member beating up or inflicting bruises, burns or cuts on another family member?”) (n = 3) Feinson and Hornik-Lurie [32], Gentile et al. [42], Kugu et al. [39]