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Table 1 Points of measurements of primary and secondary outcomes

From: Copenhagen infant mental health project: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial comparing circle of security –parenting and care as usual as interventions targeting infant mental health risks

Measure Baseline (Infant age 2–12 months) Follow-up (Infant age 12–16 months)
Maternal Sensitivity (CIB) X X
Infant-Mother Attachment Quality (SSP)   X
Maternal Parenting Stress (PSI) X X
Maternal reflective functioning (PRFQ) X X
Infant Social Withdrawal (ADBB) X X
Infant socio-emotional development (ASQ-SE)   X
Infant cognitive development (BSID-III) X X
Infant language development (BSID-III)   X
Family Functioning (FAD) X X
Maternal experience of support (FSS) X X
Maternal Depressive symptoms (EPDS) X X
Maternal Depression status (SCID-5-RV) X X
Maternal overall psych. distress (SCL-92) X X
Maternal attachment (ECR) X X
Maternal Anxiety (STAI) X X