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Table 1 Instruments assessing inclusion and exclusion criteria, primary/secondary outcomes, moderators, mediators, and common factor

From: Psychological skills training and a mindfulness-based intervention to enhance functional athletic performance: design of a randomized controlled trial using ambulatory assessment

Concept Measurement (items)a Time pointsb
T0 T1 T2 T3
Inclusion/exclusion criteria      
  Clinical level of psychopathology BSI-18 (18) x    
  Experience with PST/MI - x    
Primary outcome measure      
 Functional athletic behavior Ambulatory assessment   x x x
Secondary outcome measures      
 Psychological variables      
  State anxiety CAI-S (scales cognitive and somatic anxiety, 8)   x x x
  Cognitive interference TOQS (17)   x x x
  Negative outcome expectation CAI-S (confidence scale inversed, 4)   x x x
 Athletic performance      
  Objective measures E.g., win/lose, points scored   x x x
  Subjective measures Self-rated measures of performance   x x x
  Use of psychological skills TOPS (scales self-talk, imagery, goal-setting, relaxation and activation, 20)   x x x
  Ability to control thoughts and emotions TOPS (scales negative cognitions and emotional control, 8)   x x x
  Mindfulness FFMQ-SF (24) & AMQ (16)   x x x
  Acceptance of (unpleasant) experiences SEC-27 (acceptance scale, 3) & AAQ-II (inversed, 9)   x x x
  Defusion EQ (decentering scale, 7), DSS (12)   x x x
  General attention ANT   x x x
  Task difficulty -   x x x
  Importance of game/competition -   x x x
  Demographic characteristics - x    
  Task- & ego-orientation TEOSQ (13)   x   
  Self-esteem RSC (10)   x   
  Self-compassion SCS short form (12)   x   
Common factor & practice time      
  Athletes’ expectancy of the intervention - (3)   x   
  Practice time Practice sheets    x x
  1. aBSI brief symptom inventory, CAI-S competition anxiety inventory state, TOQS thought occurrence questionnaire sport, TOPS test of performance strategies, FFMQ-SF five facets mindfulness questionnaire short form, AMQ athletic mindfulness questionnaire, SEC-27 self-assessment of emotional competencies, AAQ-II acceptance and action questionnaire, EQ experience questionnaire, DSS decentering scale for sport, ANT attention network test, TEOSQ task ego orientation sport questionnaire, RSC rosenbergs’s self-esteem scale, SCS self compassion scale
  2. bT0 = Before randomization T1 = pre-intervention, T2 = post intervention, T3 = 2 months follow up