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Table 1 Overview of intervention content: strong parents, resilient families booklet

From: The Child Illness and Resilience Program (CHiRP): a study protocol of a stepped care intervention to improve the resilience and wellbeing of families living with childhood chronic illness

Module Content
Introduction • Definition of resilience
• Simple model of family resilience
• Instructions and summary of booklet content
• Case study
1. Building a strong family • Getting to know my family activity
• Shared lives, shared milestones timeline activity
• Family support inventory activity
2. Building a resilient family • Resilient families factsheet
• Family strengths checklist activity
• Maintain routines activity
• Looking after yourself and each other activities
• Family communication factsheet and worksheet
• Hints and tips for spending time together as a family
• Positive thinking worksheets
• Problem solving factsheet and worksheet
• Respectful relationships factsheet/worksheet
• Parenting tips factsheet and parenting strategies worksheet
• Understanding an illness factsheet and self-management activity
3. Preparing for the future • List of family support services