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Table 3 Correlation among the Fear Facial Emotion Recognition and the Neuropsychological tasks in the HIV group

From: Evaluation of emotion processing in HIV-infected patients and correlation with cognitive performance

  Fear score
Immediate recall of Rey’s words 0.42*
Delayed recall of Rey’s words 0.34
Digit span (forward) 0.05
Spatial span (forward) 0.12
Attention and executive abilities:  
Stroop test (errors) 0.03
Stroop test (time) 0.04
Trail-making test B (errors) −0.11
Trail-making test B (time) −0.18
Drawings −0.06
MFTC 0.11
Phonological fluency 0.10
Speed of mental processing:  
WAIS digit symbol 0.18
Grooved Pegboard (dominant hand) −0.22
Grooved Pegboard (nondominant hand) −0.13
  1. Values represent Pearson’s coefficients.
  2. *significant correlation for p < 0.004 (two-tailed) (Bonferroni correction).