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  1. Problematic Internet use (PIU) may lead adolescents to physical, emotional, social, or functional impairment due to the risky, excessive, or impulsive internet use manner. How do the experiences of adolescents...

    Authors: Jiarong Chen, Shengnan Li and Yangang Nie
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:285
  2. The objective of this study is to conduct a systematic review regarding the relationship between positive psychological factors, such as psychological well-being and pleasant emotions, and sports performance.

    Authors: David Peris-Delcampo, Antonio Núñez, Paula Ortiz-Marholz, Aurelio Olmedilla, Enrique Cantón, Javier Ponseti and Alejandro Garcia-Mas
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:284
  3. ADHD is the most common childhood neurodevelopmental disorder. The symptomatology makes the management of ADHD particularly demanding in school, so teachers’ training programs have been widely implemented. Nev...

    Authors: Davide Bassi, Christian Moro, Luisa Orrù and Gian Piero Turchi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:281
  4. Despite the recognition of the impact of peer relationships, learning motivation, and learning engagement on academic achievement, there is still a gap in understanding the specific mechanisms through which pe...

    Authors: Yanhong Shao, Shumin Kang, Quan Lu, Chao Zhang and Ruoxi Li
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:278
  5. It is generally assumed that procrastination leads to negative consequences. However, evidence for negative consequences of procrastination is still limited and it is also unclear by which mechanisms they are ...

    Authors: Anna Jochmann, Burkhard Gusy, Tino Lesener and Christine Wolter
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:276
  6. The present study conducted a comprehensive meta-analysis to systematically review the relationship between occupational burnout and work pressure among Chinese police officers. Additionally, the study explore...

    Authors: Senlin Zhou, Miaomiao Li, Siru Chen, Daokui Jiang, Ying Qu and Xizheng Xu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:275
  7. Despite the negative outcomes, exposure to a crisis may cause people to experience positive changes. This study aims to analyze the prevalence of post-traumatic growth (PTG) and its relevant factors among nurs...

    Authors: Afsaneh Karbasi, Masoudeh Babakhanian, Akram Ahmadzadeh and Victoria Omranifard
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:274
  8. Patient safety culture is an integral part of healthcare delivery both in Ghana and globally. Therefore, understanding how frontline health workers perceive patient safety culture and the factors that influenc...

    Authors: Demuyakor Isaac, Yuanheng Li, Yushu Wang, Deyou Jiang, Chenggang Liu, Chao Fan, Michael Boah, Yuzhuo Xie, Mingxue Ma, Linghan Shan, Lei Gao and Mingli Jiao
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:272
  9. Little research has investigated predictors of specialty substance use treatment gaps among Black adults. This study examined differential odds of experiencing self-reported, past-year treatment gaps among Bla...

    Authors: Josiah K. Rice, Kaston D. Anderson-Carpenter and Javon D. Ellis
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:271
  10. Making timely moral decisions can save a life. However, literature on how moral decisions are made under time pressure reports conflicting results. Moreover, it is unclear whether and how moral choices under t...

    Authors: Fiorella Del Popolo Cristaldi, Grazia Pia Palmiotti, Nicola Cellini and Michela Sarlo
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:270
  11. During adolescence, individuals are particularly vulnerable to developing eating disorders (EDs). To address the dysfunctional beliefs linked to these disorders, a new mobile app has been developed. This app, ...

    Authors: Marta Corberán, Sandra Arnáez, Yuliya Saman, Belén Pascual-Vera, Gemma García-Soriano and María Roncero
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:268
  12. The aim of this research was to analyze whether the personality factors included in the Big Five model differentially predict the self-regulation and affective states of university students and health.

    Authors: Jesús de la Fuente, Paul Sander, Angélica Garzón Umerenkova, Begoña Urien, Mónica Pachón-Basallo and Elkin O Luis
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:267
  13. A number of children experience difficulties with social communication and this has long-term deleterious effects on their mental health, social development and education. The E-PLAYS-2 study will test an inte...

    Authors: Suzanne Murphy, Kerry Bell, Erica Jane Cook, Sarah Crafter, Rosemary Davidson, Caroline Fairhurst, Kate Hicks, Victoria Joffe, David Messer, Lyn Robinson-Smith, Luke Strachan, David Torgerson and Charlie Welch
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:266
  14. the AMORAL model emphasizes the close connection of individuals’ belief system and malevolent creativity. Belief in a just world theory (BJW) states that people have a basic need to believe that the world they...

    Authors: Yan Wang, Keke Zhang, Fangfang Xu, Yayi Zong, Lujia Chen and Wenfu Li
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:265
  15. To meet the scientific and political call for effective prevention of child and youth mental health problems and associated long-term consequences, we have co-created, tested, and optimized a transdiagnostic p...

    Authors: T. Tømmerås, A. Backer-Grøndahl, A. Høstmælingen, H. Laland, M. B. Gomez, A. Apeland, L. R. A. Karlsson, A. A. Grønlie, S. Torsvik, G. E. Bringedal, Aas Monica, Phillip Andrew Fisher, Frances Gardner, John Kjøbli, Ira Malmberg-Heimonen and Helene Amundsen Nissen-Lie
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:264
  16. A growing number of studies have reported that problematic social networking use (PSNU) is strongly associated with anxiety symptoms. However, due to the presence of multiple anxiety subtypes, existing researc...

    Authors: Mingxuan Du, Chengjia Zhao, Haiyan Hu, Ningning Ding, Jiankang He, Wenwen Tian, Wenqian Zhao, Xiujian Lin, Gaoyang Liu, Wendan Chen, ShuangLiu Wang, Pengcheng Wang, Dongwu Xu, Xinhua Shen and Guohua Zhang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:263
  17. The aim of this study was to examine the relationships between exposure to climate change information in traditional and modern media, cognitive and emotional aspects of climate change risk judgment, and pro-e...

    Authors: Ivana Vrselja, Mario Pandžić, Martina Lotar Rihtarić and Maria Ojala
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:262
  18. The global issue of ecological resource scarcity, worsened by climate change, necessitates effective methods to promote resource conservation. One commonly used approach is presenting ecological resource scarc...

    Authors: Dian Gu and Jiang Jiang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:261
  19. Despite the prominent role that digital media play in the lives and mental health of young people as well as in violent radicalization (VR) processes, empirical research aimed to investigate the association be...

    Authors: Diana Miconi, Tara Santavicca, Rochelle L. Frounfelker, Aoudou Njingouo Mounchingam and Cécile Rousseau
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:260
  20. Disability marginalises a large portion of Bangladesh’s population. Global pre- and post-pandemic research evidently states that, this group is more prone to develop mental health problems, which increases the...

    Authors: Kamrun Nahar Koly, Aniqua Anjum, Rasma Muzaffar, Teresa Pollard, Taslima Akter, Zakia Rahman, Helal Uddin Ahmed and Julian Eaton
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:231
  21. This study aimed to investigate the relationships between childhood maltreatment, shame, and self-esteem among juvenile female offenders and to explore the potential influencing factors on their criminal behav...

    Authors: Xiaomei Chen, Bo Dai, Shuang Li and Lili Liu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:257
  22. In recent years, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in education has increased worldwide. The launch of the ChatGPT-3 posed great challenges for higher education, given its popularity among university stu...

    Authors: Benicio Gonzalo Acosta-Enriquez, Marco Agustín Arbulú Ballesteros, Olger Huamaní Jordan, Carlos López Roca and Karina Saavedra Tirado
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:255
  23. Working alliance is a prominent non-specific factor for treatment outcomes in face-to-face and internet-based interventions. The association between working alliance and therapy outcome appears to be time- and...

    Authors: Martin Kramuschke, Jana Reinhardt, Ruth Dölemeyer, Julia Kaiser and Anette Kersting
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:254
  24. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurological condition which results in social skill deficits, communication difficulties, and restrictive and repetitive behaviour. The difficulties associated wit...

    Authors: Maxwell Peprah Opoku, Ahmed Mohamed, Mohammed Safi, Shashidhar Belbase, Fadwa Al Mughairbi, Quizhi Xie and Mahmoud Al Shatheli
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:253
  25. Despite a world-leading educational system, an achievement gap in educational outcomes exists between children of refugee background and native-born peers in Finland. To offer targeted support for children at ...

    Authors: Oskari Lahtinen, Samuli Kangaslampi, Sanni Aalto, Joosu Soosalu and Kirsi Peltonen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:251
  26. Stress is a widespread phenomenon and reality of everyday life, entailing negative consequences for physical and psychological wellbeing. Previous studies have indicated that exposure to greenspaces and nature...

    Authors: Julia Schaupp, Karin Hediger, Jean-Marc Wunderli, Beat Schäffer, Silvia Tobias, Natalia Kolecka and Nicole Bauer
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:250
  27. Sick-leave rates are high due to stress-related illnesses, but little is still known about the process of recovery from these conditions. The aim of this study was to explore the experiences of the recovery pr...

    Authors: Ingela Aronsson, Anna Stigsdotter Neely, Carl-Johan Boraxbekk, Therese Eskilsson and Hanna M. Gavelin
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:248
  28. This study explores the relationship between social withdrawal and problematic social media use among college students, with a focus on the mediating roles of alexithymia and negative body image. Using the Uni...

    Authors: Shuang Li, Xiaomei Chen, Lili Liu and Chongyong Sun
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:246
  29. Decision-making under uncertainty, a cornerstone of human cognition, is encapsulated by the “secretary problem” in optimal stopping theory. Our study examines this decision-making challenge, where participants...

    Authors: Dor Mizrahi, Ilan Laufer and Inon Zuckerman
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:245
  30. Patients with functional dyspepsia (FD) cannot be assessed for their mental health using a suitable and practical measure. The purpose of the study is to investigate the usefulness of several anxiety and depre...

    Authors: Yejiao Ruan, Hao Lin, Xinru Lu, Yiying Lin, Jian Sun, Cengqi Xu, Lingjun Zhou, Zhenzhai Cai and Xiaoyan Chen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:244
  31. The COVID-19 pandemic substantially affected the lives of persons with inherited neuromuscular disorders (INMD), causing disruption in clinical and support services. While several studies have investigated men...

    Authors: Silvia Sanzo’, Federica Tizzoni, Stefano C. Previtali, Angela Berardinelli, Maria Nobile, Massimo Molteni, Martina Manzoni, Arianna Tarabelloni, Annamaria Russo, Antonella Delle Fave and Maria Grazia D’Angelo
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:243
  32. Emotion regulation, the process by which individuals manage and modify their emotional experiences, expressions, and responses to adaptively navigate and cope with various situations, plays a crucial role in d...

    Authors: Marcos Domic-Siede, Mónica Guzmán-González, Andrea Sánchez-Corzo, Xaviera Álvarez, Vanessa Araya, Camila Espinoza, Karla Zenis and Jennifer Marín-Medina
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:240
  33. The impact of free time management and leisure satisfaction on quality of life is distinct, however, the role of satisfaction in enhancing quality of life through free time management remains uncertain. Hence,...

    Authors: Esranur Terzi, Utku Isik, Berat Can Inan, Can Akyildiz and Umit Dogan Ustun
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2024 12:239

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