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  1. Many people suffered from emotional distress especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to alleviate emotional distress, more accessible psychological intervention programs, such as online intervention ...

    Authors: Ruilin Ju, Wingsze Chiu, Yinyin Zang, Stefan G. Hofmann and Xinghua Liu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:149
  2. Sensory differences are related to the autistic traits, and previous studies have shown a positive correlation between sensory differences and internalizing problems. In this study, we hypothesized that sensor...

    Authors: Yurika Tsuji, Satoko Matsumoto, Aya Saito, Shu Imaizumi, Yoko Yamazaki, Tetsuyuki Kobayashi, Yoko Fujiwara, Mika Omori and Masumi Sugawara
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:148
  3. Women in Ethiopia prefer sedentary behavior and are physically inactive during pregnancy; this increases the risks of pregnancy-related complications. Therefore, this study aimed to assess physical exercise an...

    Authors: Abebaw Addis, Wallelign Alemnew, Ayenew Kassie and Simegnew Handebo
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:146
  4. Disclosing traumatic events experienced by parents to their children is a central issue in the intergenerational trauma transmission. However, little is known about this question among migrant population. The ...

    Authors: Elodie Gaëlle Ngameni, Mayssa’ El Husseini, Elisabetta Dozio, Cyrille Kossigan Kokou-Kpolou, Gisèle Apter and Marie Rose Moro
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:144
  5. The sport presents an opportunity for young people to experience the joys of success and cope with setbacks to develop resilient behaviors. However, there is a lack of clarity about how sport can cultivate res...

    Authors: Roghieh Nooripour, Simin Hoseinian, Yaghoob Vakili, Nikzad Ghanbari, Joshua J. Matacotta, Nazir Mozaffari, Hossein Ilanloo and Carl Lavie
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:142
  6. Whilst children and young people have not often been at forefront of the immediate Covid-19 pandemic health response there has been concern about the indirect consequences of Covid-19 on children’s physical an...

    Authors: Bridget Lockyer, Charlotte Endacott, Josie Dickerson and Laura Sheard
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:140
  7. Considering the weakening of the economy and the shrinkage of jobs under the current global epidemic crisis, the employment of college graduates is facing unprecedented and cruel competition. However, many col...

    Authors: Huaruo Chen, Liman Pang, Fei Liu, Tingting Fang and Ya Wen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:137
  8. Panic attacks and panic disorder can have a major impact on the mental health and wellbeing of those who experience them. People with recurrent panic attacks have increased odds of developing a mental disorder...

    Authors: Kathryn J. Chalmers, Alyssia Rossetto, Nicola J. Reavley, Anthony F. Jorm, Betty A. Kitchener, Claire M. Kelly, Amy J. Morgan, Kathy S. Bond and Fairlie A. Cottrill
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:136
  9. Depressive symptoms are associated with working memory impairments. Yet, comparative studies examining working memory across the developmental spectrum in depressed and non depressed cohorts are lacking. This ...

    Authors: Estíbaliz Royuela-Colomer, Laura Wante, Izaskun Orue, Caroline Braet and Sven C. Mueller
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:134
  10. Although midwives are expected to play a key role for psychological support throughout perinatal periods, their educational chances are limited. Versatile teaching strategies such as e-learning may be promisin...

    Authors: Eriko Shinohara, Yukiko Ohashi, Ayako Hada and Yuriko Usui
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:133
  11. We believe that major steps can be taken towards Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) prevention through identifying the relevant factors that are apt to predict risky behavior. The main purpose of the pr...

    Authors: Ali Zakiei, Ebrahim Norouzi‬, Seyed Ramin Ghasemi, Saeid Komasi, Masoumeh Rostampour and Habibolah Khazaie
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:132
  12. Healthy sex can be affected by cognitive schemas activated in the sexual context (CSASCs) and early maladaptive schemas (EMSs). Cognitive schemas are the nuclear structure of the cognitive system which facilit...

    Authors: Zainab Alimoradi, Simin Zarabadipour, Nicole A. Arrato, Mark D. Griffiths, Barbara L. Andersen and Nasim Bahrami
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:131
  13. Individual differences in one’s perceived vulnerability to infectious diseases are implicated in psychological distress, social and behavioral disease avoidance phenomena. The Perceived Vulnerability to Diseas...

    Authors: Jacqueline Ferreira, Ana C. Magalhães, Pedro Bem-Haja, Laura Alho, Carlos F. Silva and Sandra C. Soares
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:130

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Psychology 2022 10:150

  14. With the accumulation of negative emotions brought by COVID-19-related dysfunctional beliefs, individuals adopted obsessive–compulsive (OC) symptoms (e.g., over-checking the wearing of masks) and formed diffic...

    Authors: Danping Hong, Yawen Zhu, Runting Chen, Bihong Xiao, Yueyi Huang and Meng Yu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:129
  15. Empathy is one of the core medical professionalisms that distress, burnout, and lack of personal well-being is also recognized as an important influencer on lower empathy levels. Therefore, this study aimed to...

    Authors: Katti Sathaporn and Jarurin Pitanupong
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:128
  16. Smokers or never smokers exposed to environmental tobacco use are usually associated with various diseases and cancers. In order to better help college students prevent the tobacco use and thus lower the incid...

    Authors: Xiong Li, Yuhua Tan, Shanqing Li and Xiaoxin Wang
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:125
  17. Midwives' stress can have negative consequences on their emotional state, burnout, and poor quality of midwifery care. This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of an adapted mindfulness-based stress man...

    Authors: Fatemeh Aghamohammadi, Omid Saed, Reza Ahmadi and Roghieh Kharaghani
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:123
  18. The transtheoretical model of intentional health behavior change categorizes people into experiencing five stages in understanding the process of initiating and maintaining effective stress management (i.e., e...

    Authors: Ke Deng, Akira Tsuda, Satoshi Horiuchi and Shuntaro Aoki
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:122
  19. Studies have found that caregivers can influence stroke survivors’ outcomes, such as mortality. It is thus pertinent to identify significant factors associated with caregivers’ outcomes. The study objective wa...

    Authors: Yen Sin Koh, Mythily Subramaniam, David Bruce Matchar, Song-Iee Hong and Gerald Choon-Huat Koh
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:121
  20. Racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity in Australia is rapidly increasing. Although Indigenous Australians account for only approximately 3.5% of the country’s population, over 50% of Australians we...

    Authors: Tinashe Dune, Ritesh Chimoriya, Peter Caputi, Catherine MacPhail, Katarzyna Olcon and Anita Ogbeide
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:119
  21. The population's mental and physical health worldwide are currently at risk due to the coronavirus pandemic. We evaluated the mental health status of the adolescents trapped indoors because of the precautionar...

    Authors: Sadia Afrin, Sarker Mohammad Nasrullah, Koustuv Dalal, Zarrin Tasnim, Md. Shadly Benzadid, Farhin Humayra, K. M. Saif-Ur-Rahman and Mohammad Delwer Hossain Hawlader
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:116
  22. The sense of coherence is as focused on one’s awareness of the level of pervasive, enduring, and dynamic feelings. Stronger sense of coherence leads to better physical and mental health and promotes recovery f...

    Authors: Fatimah Sayer Alharbi, Abdulaziz I. Aljemaiah and Mugtaba Osman
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:115
  23. Being a victim support worker (VSW) involves exposure to victims' suffering, pain, and traumatic events, which may trigger the risk of VSWs developing mental health problems. Psychosocial risks (PSR) and work-...

    Authors: Sónia Caridade, Ana Oliveira, Rosa Saavedra, Rita Ribeiro, Manuela Santos, Iris Almeida and Cristina Soeiro
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:114
  24. Empathy is an important key driver of any therapeutic relationship. It is beneficial for both physicians and patients. Enhancing physician’s empathy should be an important goal of medical education. As there w...

    Authors: Polychronis Voultsos, Fotios Chatzinikolaou, Angeliki Papana and Aspasia Deliligka
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:113
  25. In infancy and in the early years of life, emotion regulation and attachment relationships with parents are tightly intertwined. However, whether this link persists into adolescence has not yet been establishe...

    Authors: Marie Schneider, Ingrid Obsuth, Monika Szymanska, Julie Mathieu, Sylvie Nezelof, Karlen Lyons-Ruth and Lauriane Vulliez-Coady
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:112
  26. There is growing evidence in the literature on the use of positive mental health (PMH) interventions among clinical samples. This qualitative study aims to explore the definitions of PMH from psychotherapists’...

    Authors: Sherilyn Chang, Rajeswari Sambasivam, Esmond Seow, Mythily Subramaniam, Hanita Ashok Assudani, Geoffrey Chern-Yee Tan, Sharon Huixian Lu and Janhavi Ajit Vaingankar
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:111
  27. The main goal of the study was to investigate the effects of a short loving-kindness meditation (LKM) on explicit and implicit evaluations of oneself and disliked public persons. We expected a more positive ex...

    Authors: Franziska Anna Schroter and Petra Jansen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:110
  28. The current study aimed to assess and compare the level of knowledge and attitude towards mental illness between secondary school students and their teachers in Oman.

    Authors: Omar Al Omari, Atika Khalaf, Iman Al Hashmi, Mohammad Al Qadire, Yousef Abu Shindi, Sulaiman Al Sabei, Nasir Matani and Devanprabudoss Jesudoss
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:109
  29. Occupational stress has huge financial as well as human costs. Application of crowdsourcing might be a way to strengthen the investigation of occupational mental health. Therefore, the aim of the study was to ...

    Authors: Johanne Lundager Axelsen, Jacob Stig Jarnot Meline, Walter Staiano and Ulrich Kirk
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:108
  30. Tattoos and piercings are becoming increasingly popular in many countries around the world. Individuals seeking such body modifications have reported diverse psychological motives. Besides purely superficial c...

    Authors: Mareike Ernst, Ada Borkenhagen, Jörg M. Fegert, Elmar Brähler and Paul L. Plener
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:105
  31. The idea that attachment styles can affect the level of anger in an individual educes a reason why people develop anger issues and behavioral problems in adolescence that escalate into adulthood. Lebanon suffe...

    Authors: Elise Maalouf, Pascale Salameh, Chadia Haddad, Hala Sacre, Souheil Hallit and Sahar Obeid
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:104
  32. Authors: Jonas Linkas, Luai Awad Ahmed, Gabor Csifcsak, Nina Emaus, Anne-Sofe Furberg, Guri Grimnes, Gunn Pettersen, Kamilla Rognmo and Tore Christofersen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:102

    The original article was published in BMC Psychology 2022 10:65

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