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  1. Although procrastination has been widely studied in adults, comparatively little work has focused on adolescent procrastination, especially in the Pacific region. As a contribution to knowledge and diversifica...

    Authors: Stéphane Frayon, Viren Swami, Guillaume Wattelez, Akila Nedjar-Guerre and Olivier Galy
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2023 11:1
  2. Leaders’ emotions and emotion regulation strategies influence subordinates’ attitudes and behaviors, while previous studies have mostly taken an emotional perspective. Leaders’ emotional competence also has an...

    Authors: Jin Wan, Wenjun Zhou, Mingyue Qin, Haiming Zhou and Pingping Li
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:323
  3. The present study aimed to describe anxiety and depression symptoms at two timepoints during the coronavirus pandemic and evaluate demographic predictors.

    Authors: Anne E. Bowen, Katherine L. Wesley, Emily H. Cooper, Maxene Meier, Jill L. Kaar and Stacey L. Simon
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:322
  4. The Perceived Vulnerability to Disease Questionnaire (PVDQ) measures beliefs associated with personal susceptibility to infectious diseases and behaviors or perceptions in the presence of potential risk of pat...

    Authors: Francesca Chiesi, Georgia Marunic, Carlotta Tagliaferro and Chloe Lau
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:321
  5. Following and posting sport-related content on social media is wide-spread among young people. To date, little is known about the interdependence between sport-related social media use and the thereby perceive...

    Authors: Kristina Klier, Tessa Rommerskirchen and Klara Brixius
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:320
  6. Most communities' mental health and perceptions of psychological well-being are known to be profoundly disrupted by large-scale pandemics. Despite the wide range of available screening measures, few reliable a...

    Authors: Eradah O. Hamad
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:319
  7. Investing in children’s early years can have a lasting positive effect, such as better academic outcomes throughout their school careers. In Jordan, investments have been made in early childhood development an...

    Authors: Emad G. Ababneh, Eric K. Duku, Caroline Reid-Westoby, Ashley Gaskin and Magdalena Janus
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:316
  8. Short-term mindsets are associated with self-defeating behaviors, such as delinquency and alcohol use. In contrast, people who consider the longer-term consequences of their decisions tend to report positive o...

    Authors: Esther C. A. Mertens, Aniek M. Siezenga, Tiffany Tettero and Jean-Louis van Gelder
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:315
  9. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the mental well-being of students worldwide. There is a scarcity of information on the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on university students in ...

    Authors: Anamika Vajpeyi Misra, Heba M. Mamdouh, Anita Dani, Vivienne Mitchell, Hamid Y. Hussain, Gamal M. Ibrahim and Wafa K. Alnakhi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:312
  10. Social safeness and pleasure refer to the extent to which people experience their world as safe, warm, and soothing. Difficulties in achieving social safeness have been identified as a transdiagnostic vulnerab...

    Authors: Martina Isaksson, Maria Holmbom Goh, Mia Ramklint and Martina Wolf-Arehult
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:311
  11. Although previous studies have identified that workplace bullying causes serious mental health problems to the victims, it is not yet fully investigated moderating factors on the association between workplace ...

    Authors: Kanami Tsuno
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:310
  12. Substance use is an important public health concern in many countries across the globe. Among the general public, institutions of higher learning have developed a reputation for inducing new substance use amon...

    Authors: Stacey Blows and Serena Isaacs
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:309
  13. Occupational health physicians are increasingly confronted with mental health issues at their workplace. Facing them, most of them feel insecure and not sufficiently trained. Employee’s mental well-being depen...

    Authors: Tim Pößnecker, Maximilian Baxendale, Simone Braun, Elena Schwarz, Michael Hölzer, Peter Angerer, Harald Gündel, Elisabeth Balint and Eva Rothermund
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:306
  14. Cancer-related cognitive impairment is a common and potentially debilitating symptom experienced by patients with non-central nervous system (CNS) cancers, with negative impact on their quality of life. The Fu...

    Authors: Ana F. Oliveira, Isabel M. Santos, Sofia Fernandes, Pedro Bem-Haja and Ana Torres
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:305
  15. Promoting mental health and wellness is crucial for healthy communities. This study aims to assess the vulnerability of experiencing psychological reactions such as depression, anxiety, and stress within the g...

    Authors: Bandar Alsaif, Fahad D. Algahtani, Mohamed Ali Alzain, Rafat Zrieq, Badr K. Aldhmadi, Badr Alnasser and Sehar-un-Nisa Hassan
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:304
  16. The high prevalence of female breast cancer is a global health concern. Breast cancer and its treatments have been associated with impairments in general cognition, as well as structural and functional brain c...

    Authors: Nicole Palacio, Daniela Nicole Romero, Andrés Mateo Bernal, Daniela González-Rodríguez, Daniel Solarte-Bothe, María del Pilar García, Raúl Murillo, Hernando Santamaría-García and Sandra Báez
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:303
  17. Home visitation services within German Early Childhood Interventions (ECI) for families with a child aged 0–3 are mainly provided by frontline pediatric nurses and family midwifes. Home visitors are often chal...

    Authors: Anna K. Georg, Sophie Hauschild, Paul Schröder-Pfeifer, Lea A. Kasper and Svenja Taubner
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:302
  18. The aim of the present study is to explore whether (experienced and witnessed) workplace incivility is a risk factor for (experienced and witnessed) workplace bullying. An additional aim is to explore whether ...

    Authors: Kristoffer Holm, Eva Torkelson and Martin Bäckström
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:299
  19. Previous research has examined the role of support provided by the workplace in promoting employee engagement. This study aimed to extend this research to the academic environment by testing a proposed model o...

    Authors: Zhongyi Xin
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:298
  20. Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) is significantly affected, regardless of the stage of the disease, as regards the physical, psychological and social functio...

    Authors: Daniele Pugi, Fabio Ferretti, Maddalena Galeazzi, Giacomo Gualtieri, Lore Lorenzi, Niccolò Pappalardo, Pasquale Giuseppe Macrì, Guido Garosi, Anna Coluccia and Andrea Pozza
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:297
  21. To evaluate the psychometric properties of the Coping Strategies Inventory–Short Form and investigate the relationship between coping strategies and resilience, taking into consideration the moderating role of...

    Authors: Emmanuelle Awad, Mirna Fawaz, Souheil Hallit and Sahar Obeid
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:296
  22. Public safety personnel (PSP; e.g., border services personnel, correctional workers, firefighters, paramedics, police, public safety communicators) are frequently exposed to potentially psychologically traumat...

    Authors: R. Nicholas Carleton, Michelle McCarron, Gregory P. Krätzig, Shannon Sauer-Zavala, J. Patrick Neary, Lisa M. Lix, Amber J. Fletcher, Ronald D. Camp II, Robyn E. Shields, Laleh Jamshidi, Jolan Nisbet, Kirby Q. Maguire, Renée S. MacPhee, Tracie O. Afifi, Nicholas A. Jones, Ronald R. Martin…
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:295
  23. In the face of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, families with young children are bombarded with new challenges and stressors. This study examined the additive and interactive effects of parent...

    Authors: Rebecca Y. M. Cheung, Wing Yee Cheng, Jian-Bin Li, Eva Yi Hung Lau and Kevin Kien Hoa Chung
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:294
  24. Psychometrically sound measures of chronic disease self-management tasks are needed to improve identification of patient needs and to tailor self-management programs. This study aimed to develop and conduct a ...

    Authors: Sylvie D. Lambert, Susan J. Bartlett, Jane McCusker, Mark Yaffe, Antonio Ciampi, Eric Belzile and Manon de Raad
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:293
  25. Using an experimental study, we examined the link between state moral elevation and stigmatic beliefs surrounding male veterans with military sexual trauma (MST).

    Authors: Gracie Staley, Ana Clara Vieira Zaidan, Katrina Henley, Lucas G. Childers, Ray Daniel, Sean A. Lauderdale and Adam P. McGuire
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:292
  26. Perceived control of internal states is important for disease prevention, stress buffering and life adaptability. However, there is no psychometric scale to measure control beliefs over internal states in Chin...

    Authors: Yantao Chen, Zhuxi Yao, Naiyi Wang, Jianhui Wu and Yuanyuan Xin
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:290
  27. Meaningful activity engagement is a critical element of ageing well. Interventions designed to increase activity engagement tend to be activity-specific and do not always meet the needs of older adults with di...

    Authors: Julia E. T. Scott, Trevor G. Mazzucchelli, Mary A. Luszcz, Ruth Walker and Tim D. Windsor
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:288
  28. Post-traumatic stress disorder is the commonly reported psychiatric morbidity among the survivors of natural disasters. However, its prevalence particularly in Bududa, Eastern Uganda is largely unknown.

    Authors: Amir Kabunga, Ponsiano Okalo, Viola Nalwoga and Brenda Apili
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:287
  29. Therapy expectations and attitudes towards psychotherapy contribute substantially to the outcome, process and duration of psychotherapy. The a priori use of role model videos seems to be promising for changing...

    Authors: Kristina Braun-Koch, Winfried Rief and Sarah Teige-Mocigemba
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:286
  30. The prolonged transitions to adulthood strengthen interest in parenting characteristics that can shape emerging adults’ development and progression to full-fledged adulthood. It also strengthens interest in in...

    Authors: Rimantas Vosylis and Rasa Erentaitė
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:285
  31. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the physical and mental health of the general population worldwide, with healthcare workers at particular risk. The pandemic's effect on healthcare work...

    Authors: Freddy Wathum Drinkwater Oyat, Johnson Nyeko Oloya, Pamela Atim, Eric Nzirakaindi Ikoona, Judith Aloyo and David Lagoro Kitara
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:284
  32. One of the most challenging issues faced by families of people living with bipolar disorder is stigma. This study was conducted to explain the process of stigma experience in the families of people living with...

    Authors: Maryam Latifian, Ghoncheh Raheb, Riaz Uddin, Kianoush Abdi and Rosa Alikhani
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:282
  33. Depression has a point prevalence of 25% and lifetime prevalence of 50% in people with multiple sclerosis (pwMS). Due to accessibility and brevity, the 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) may be a usef...

    Authors: Emily Beswick, Suzanne Quigley, Pamela Macdonald, Sarah Patrick, Shuna Colville, Siddharthan Chandran and Peter Connick
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:281
  34. Fear is one of the basic emotions generated during periods of infectious diseases. Therefore, the aim of this study was to develop and validate a scale that assesses monkeypox fear, the Monkeypox Fear Scale (M...

    Authors: Tomás Caycho-Rodríguez, Lindsey W. Vilca, Carlos Carbajal-León, Miguel Gallegos, Mario Reyes-Bossio, Martin Noe-Grijalva, Mariel Delgado-Campusano and Águeda Muñoz-del-Carpio-Toia
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:280
  35. Research on the relationship between Facebook use intensity and depressive symptoms has resulted in mixed findings. In contrast, problematic Facebook use has been found to be a robust predictor of depressive s...

    Authors: Nino Gugushvili, Karin Täht, Robert A. C. Ruiter and Philippe Verduyn
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:279
  36. Patients diagnosed with cancer are at higher risk of anxiety, depression, and overall distress. These mood disturbances are risk factors for non-adherence to cancer treatment, increased length of stay during h...

    Authors: Bohdan Baralo, Mahati Paravathaneni, Akhil Jain, Bhanusowmya Buragamadagu, Aliza Khanam, Sabah Iqbal, Samia Hossain, Sana Mulla, Eugene Choi and Rajesh Thirumaran
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:278
  37. Throughout the psychotherapeutic and coaching literature, the client-therapist or coach-coachee working alliance has been highlighted as key force driving positive outcome. The Working Alliance Inventory Short...

    Authors: Marjolein Stefens, Eefje Rondeel, Jonathan Templin, David Brode, Eddy de Waart, Rendel de Jong, Jacobien ten Hoeve-Rozema, Alexander Waringa, Jennifer Reijnders, Nele Jacobs and Johan Lataster
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:277
  38. Eating behavior represents individual appetitive traits which are related to the individual’s regulation of food intake. Eating behavior develops at an early age. There is some evidence that parenting styles m...

    Authors: Anaëlle L. Leuba, Andrea H. Meyer, Tanja H. Kakebeeke, Kerstin Stülb, Amar Arhab, Annina E. Zysset, Claudia S. Leeger-Aschmann, Einat A. Schmutz, Susi Kriemler, Oskar G. Jenni, Jardena J. Puder, Simone Munsch and Nadine Messerli-Bürgy
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:275
  39. Irritability is common in children and adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and with anxiety/depressive disorders. Although youth irritability i...

    Authors: E. Fongaro, M. C. Picot, A. Stringaris, C. Belloc, A. S. Verissimo, N. Franc and D. Purper-Ouakil
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2022 10:273

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