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  1. Medical students have a worse perception of Quality of Life (QoL) and a high prevalence of psychosocial suffering when compared to the general population. The objective of this study was to investigate associa...

    Authors: Alice de Queiroz Constantino Miguel, Patricia Tempski, Renata Kobayasi, Fernanda B. Mayer and Milton A. Martins
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:36
  2. Work engagement is one of the most important outcomes for both employees and employers. Although the findings to date, integrated 40 intervention studies aiming to improve work engagement, consistent results h...

    Authors: Yu Komase, Kazuhiro Watanabe and Norito Kawakami
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:35
  3. Pain is one of the most common and unpleasant symptoms of patients with cancer. The Short Form Brief Pain Inventory (SF-BPI), has been psychometrically validated in several languages and widely used globally. ...

    Authors: Nirosha Priyadarshani Edirisinghe, Thamasi Rekha Makuloluwa, Thamara Dilhani Amarasekara and Christine Sampatha Evangeline Goonewardena
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:34
  4. Childbirth is one of the invaluable human experiences and is associated with parental happiness. However, when a child is born with congenital heart disease, it creates emotional and mental distress. As a resu...

    Authors: Nahid Dehghan Nayeri, Zahra Roddehghan, Farzad Mahmoodi and Parvin Mahmoodi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:33
  5. Strict adherence to masculine norms has been associated with deleterious consequences for the physical and mental health of men. However, population-based research is lacking, and it remains unclear whether ag...

    Authors: Danielle Herreen, Simon Rice, Dianne Currier, Marisa Schlichthorst and Ian Zajac
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:32
  6. There is a call for sustainable, evidence-based interventions in schools to promote mental health in schoolchildren. Our primary aim of this trial is to evaluate the effectiveness in vulnerable pupils of a sch...

    Authors: Lise Juul, Morten Frydenberg, Michelle Sand Beck and Lone Overby Fjorback
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:31
  7. Studies in Western cultures have shown that perfectionism is conceptualized by two-factor higher-order model including perfectionistic strivings and perfectionistic concerns. However, little is known about the...

    Authors: Reza Moloodi, Abbas Pourshahbaz, Parvaneh Mohammadkhani, Ladan Fata and Ata Ghaderi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:30
  8. Psychotic illnesses can have a major impact on those who experience them. Timely treatment for psychosis is important and friends, family members and the public can be a facilitating factor in social support a...

    Authors: Fairlie A. Cottrill, Kathy S. Bond, Fiona L. Blee, Claire M. Kelly, Betty A. Kitchener, Anthony F. Jorm and Nicola J. Reavley
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:29
  9. People with an intellectual disability experience higher rates of mental health problems, but experience significant barriers to receiving professional help. Increasing the knowledge and skills of those who su...

    Authors: Kathy S. Bond, Fairlie A. Cottrill, Louise Kelly, Joan Broughan, Kimberley Davies, Anna M. Ross and Claire M. Kelly
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:28
  10. This study aimed to culturally translate the Attribution Questionnaire (AQ) to the Swedish language and examine the reliability and validity of the new Swedish version to measure stigma towards disability pens...

    Authors: Ashley McAllister, Bo Burström and Patrick Corrigan
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:27
  11. Breast cancer is a common tumor in China and has become a public health problem in modern society. Stress plays an important role in the occurrence and progression of cancer. At present, the current situation ...

    Authors: Ruo-Yu Hu, Jing-Ya Wang, Wan-Li Chen, Jie Zhao, Chun-Hai Shao, Ji-Wei Wang, Xiao-Min Wei and Jin-Ming Yu
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:26
  12. Numerous studies have reported that the repeated presentation of a stimulus leads to an increase in positive affect towards the stimulus itself (the so-called mere exposure effect). Here, we evaluate whether chan...

    Authors: Rocco Palumbo, Alberto Di Domenico, Beth Fairfield and Nicola Mammarella
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:25
  13. A 2017 terrorist attack in Manchester, UK, affected large numbers of adults and young people. During the response phase (first seven weeks), a multi-sector collaborative co-ordinated a decentralised response. ...

    Authors: Daniel Hind, Kate Allsopp, Prathiba Chitsabesan and Paul French
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:22
  14. Psychological distress in University settings has grown and became a public health concern. In this context, contemplative practices such as mindfulness have been proposed as a strategy to help students on str...

    Authors: Geovan Menezes de Sousa, Geissy Lainny de Lima-Araújo, Dráulio Barros de Araújo and Maria Bernardete Cordeiro de Sousa
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:21
  15. Recently, we showed that 4-week mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) followed by 4-week existential approach (EXMIND) was as effective for developing self-compassion as 8-week MBI. This study aims to identify ...

    Authors: Nobuko Kawano, Takeshi Terao, Akari Sakai, Mari Akase, Koji Hatano, Masanao Shirahama, Hirofumi Hirakawa, Kentaro Kohno and Nobuyoshi Ishii
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:20
  16. Over the last decade, international research has produced a large number of studies that have stressed the importance of temporal focus in various aspects of the lives of individuals, groups and organizations....

    Authors: Pierluigi Diotaiuti, Giuseppe Valente and Stefania Mancone
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:19
  17. Relationship between emotional intelligence and emotional variables such as stress, depression, anxiety and mental health has been well documented in child and adult samples. New insights into the association ...

    Authors: Sahar Obeid, Chadia Haddad, Kassandra Fares, Diana Malaeb, Hala Sacre, Marwan Akel, Pascale Salameh and Souheil Hallit
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:18
  18. Following publication of the original article [1], the authors flagged that the article had published with the Acknowledgements erroneously excluded from the declarations at the end of the article.

    Authors: Sara Assecondi, Rong Hu, Gail Eskes, Michelle Read, Chris Griffiths and Kim Shapiro
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:17

    The original article was published in BMC Psychology 2020 8:125

  19. This study aims to design and validate ten projective images of Young’s Early Maladaptive Schema (EMS) domains. For this purpose, two questions are to be addressed. (1) How is the factorial structure of the proje...

    Authors: Javad Siahmoshtei, Ali Delavar and Ahmad Borjali
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:16
  20. The aim of this study is to validate the Arabic version of the Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction and Frustration Scale (BPNSFS), and to investigate the extent of its invariance across five Arab countries a...

    Authors: Kashef N. Zayed, Ehab N. Omara, Nasser Y. al-Rawahi, Ali K. al-Shamli, Asma A. al-Atiyah, Ahmad A. al-Haramleh, Mahmoud S. Azab, Ghada M. al-Khasawneh and Mohammed A. Hassan
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:15

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Psychology 2021 9:76

  21. Active ageing has been a rapidly developing field of study in light of the growing population of older people. Acknowledgement of the lack of a counselling program to promote active ageing for the older people...

    Authors: Jantana Juthavantana, Nanchatsan Sakunpong, Ujsara Prasertsin, Monthira Charupheng and Sheibon Hassakama Lau
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:14
  22. People with HIV have always faced stigma and discrimination. Given the numerous papers that have addressed the psychological and social risk factors in spreading HIV, a pressing question is whether individuals...

    Authors: Morteza Mehraeen, Mohammadreza Heydari, Kamran B. Lankarani, Hassan Joulaei and Marjan Faghih
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:13
  23. Drawing on Eccles’ expectancy-value model, we investigated the associations between parents’ sports-related socialization behaviors in the family context, youth’s sports’ values, and youth’s involvement in org...

    Authors: Darun Jaf, Metin Özdemir and Therése Skoog
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:12
  24. Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a prevalent psychiatric condition associated with significant disability, mortality and economic burden. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic psychotherapy (P...

    Authors: J. I. Røssberg, J. Evensen, T. Dammen, T. Wilberg, O. Klungsøyr, M. Jones, E. Bøen, R. Egeland, R. Breivik, A. Løvgren and R. Ulberg
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:11
  25. Individuals tend to avoid effortful tasks, regardless of whether they are physical or mental in nature. Recent experimental evidence is suggestive of individual differences in the dispositional willingness to ...

    Authors: Corinna Kührt, Sebastian Pannasch, Stefan J. Kiebel and Alexander Strobel
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:10
  26. Social media can play a detrimental role during a global health emergency. In this study, we aimed at assessing the impact social media has on the anxiety level of dental healthcare workers (DHCWs) whilst livi...

    Authors: Suhail H. Al-Amad and Amal Hussein
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:9
  27. Quality of life and self-esteem are functional domains that may suffer when having mental problems. In this study, we examined the change in quality of life and self-esteem when targeting anxious and depressiv...

    Authors: Kristin D. Martinsen, Lene-Mari P. Rasmussen, Tore Wentzel-Larsen, Solveig Holen, Anne Mari Sund, Marit Løtveit Pedersen, Mona Elisabeth S. Løvaas, Joshua Patras, Frode Adolfsen and Simon-Peter Neumer
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:8
  28. Harms of colorectal cancer (CRC) screening include psychosocial consequences. We have not identified studies using a participant-relevant questionnaire with adequate measurement properties to investigate these...

    Authors: Jessica Malmqvist, Volkert Siersma, Christine Winther Bang and John Brodersen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:7
  29. Social support is a well-known protective factor against depressive symptoms and substance use problems, but very few studies have examined its protective effects among residents of permanent supportive housin...

    Authors: Zhengqi Tan, Eun-Young Mun, Uyen-Sa D. T. Nguyen and Scott T. Walters
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:6
  30. Workplace stress carries considerable costs for the employees’ wellbeing and for the organization’s performance. Recent studies demonstrate that perceptions of psychological contract breach are a source of str...

    Authors: Safâa Achnak, Arjen Schippers and Tim Vantilborgh
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:5
  31. Internet addiction is a common problem in university students and negatively affects cognitive functioning, leads to poor academic performance and engagement in hazardous activities, and may lead to anxiety an...

    Authors: Yosef Zenebe, Kunuya Kunno, Meseret Mekonnen, Ajebush Bewuket, Mengesha Birkie, Mogesie Necho, Muhammed Seid, Million Tsegaw and Baye Akele
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:4
  32. Severe asthma affects a small population but carries a high psychopathological risk. Therefore, the psychodemographic profile of these patients is of interest. A substantial prevalence of anxiety, depression, ...

    Authors: Lucía Dafauce, David Romero, Carlos Carpio, Paula Barga, Santiago Quirce, Carlos Villasante, María Fe Bravo and Rodolfo Álvarez-Sala
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:3
  33. Development of the maternal antenatal attachment (MAA) constitutes an important aspect of the transition into motherhood. Early identification of women at risk of developing a poor MAA provides possibilities f...

    Authors: Ruth K. Ertmann, Christine W. Bang, Margit Kriegbaum, Mette S. Væver, Jakob Kragstrup, Volkert Siersma, Philip Wilson, Melissa C. Lutterodt and Johanne Smith-Nielsen
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:2
  34. Adapting and translating already developed tools to different cultures is a complex process, but once done, it increases the validity of the construct to be measured. This study aimed to assess the 12 items WH...

    Authors: Zewditu Abdissa Denu, Mensur Osman Yassin, Telake Azale Bisetegn, Gashaw Andargie Biks and Kassahun Alemu Gelaye
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2021 9:1
  35. This article has been retracted. Please see the Retraction Notice for more detail:

    Authors: Paúl Arias-Medina
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:135

    The original article was published in BMC Psychology 2019 7:51

  36. Rapid increases in the number of COVID-19 cases have led to the closure of academic institutions including elementary and high schools. The absence from the educational environment can affect the students’ emo...

    Authors: Alireza Mirahmadizadeh, Keivan Ranjbar, Reza Shahriarirad, Amirhossein Erfani, Haleh Ghaem, Khoubyar Jafari and Tayebeh Rahimi
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:134
  37. Emotion regulation alters the trajectories of emotional responses and, when effective, transforms the emotional responses to help individuals adapt to their environment. Previous research has mainly focused on...

    Authors: Simon Thuillard and Elise S. Dan-Glauser
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:133
  38. Alopecia Areata (AA) is an autoimmune disease that is characterised by hair loss. Individuals diagnosed with it often describe feelings of trauma and social rejection due to cosmetic repercussions and are at h...

    Authors: Yamuna Rajoo, J. Wong, I. S. Raj and G. A. Kennedy
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:132
  39. Research on the relationship between resilience and loneliness is sparse. The construct of resilience has been conceptualized in multiple ways, including the measurement of resilience. The Resilience Scale for...

    Authors: Ida Skytte Jakobsen, Lykke Mie Riis Madsen, Martin Mau, Odin Hjemdal and Oddgeir Friborg
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:131
  40. Prenatal posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a significant complication of pregnancy linked to increased risk of adverse perinatal outcomes. Although 1 in 5 pregnant trauma-exposed individuals have PTSD, m...

    Authors: Natalie R. Stevens, Michelle L. Miller, Christina Soibatian, Caitlin Otwell, Anne K. Rufa, Danie J. Meyer and Madeleine U. Shalowitz
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:130
  41. Evidence of the relationship between serious physical injury and poor mental health among university students from low- and middle-income countries is limited. The aim of the study is to assess the association...

    Authors: Supa Pengpid and Karl Peltzer
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:129
  42. After the new definition of adjustment disorder (AjD) by the International Classification of Diseases-11(ICD-11), AjD has attracted more and more attention. Adjustment disorder new module-20 (ADNM-20), which i...

    Authors: Haiyan Tang, Huihua Xiong, Lingchao Deng, Andreas Maercker, Jun Zhang and Heng Meng
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:128
  43. A lower respiratory tract infection caused by novel coronavirus termed as Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) was first identified in China and subsequently took the form of pandemic. Studies on disease outbreak i...

    Authors: Kamal Gautam, Ramesh P. Adhikari, Aman Sen Gupta, Rajan Kumar Shrestha, Pitambar Koirala and Suraj Koirala
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:127
  44. Maternal sub-threshold and non-clinical depression and its possible outcomes on offspring internalizing/externalizing symptoms has received growing attention in recent years because of its significant worldwid...

    Authors: L. Cerniglia, F. Dentale, R. Tambelli, L. Murray, P. Cooper and S. Cimino
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:126
  45. Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) admissions have an incidence of 385 per 100,000 of the population in the UK, and as brain injury often involves the frontal networks, cognitive domains affected are likely to be exe...

    Authors: Sara Assecondi, Rong Hu, Gail Eskes, Michelle Read, Chris Griffiths and Kim Shapiro
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:125

    The Publisher Correction to this article has been published in BMC Psychology 2021 9:17

  46. Marital separation is associated with mental health problems, but little is known about how this translates into healthcare use. In this study, we examine the relationship between marital separation and primar...

    Authors: Anne Reneflot, Carine Øien-Ødegaard and Lars Johan Hauge
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:124
  47. Little is known about the impact of sex on lung cancer patients from the psychological, economic and social perspectives. This study was designed to explore the psychosocial and economic impact according to se...

    Authors: N. Nuria Viñolas, Rosario Garcia-Campelo, Margarita Majem, Enric Carcereny, Dolores Isla, José Luis Gonzalez-Larriba, Juan Coves, Javier De-Castro, Manuel Domine, Piar Lianes, Angel Artal, Jordi Remon, Enriqueta Felip and Pilar Garrido
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:123
  48. Adolescents who have displayed harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) are often described as a heterogeneous population, but different offender-, offense-, or victim-based typologies have been proposed. Two common typ...

    Authors: Monica Jensen, Sanne C. Smid and Tormod Bøe
    Citation: BMC Psychology 2020 8:121

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