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Table 3 Examples from the step-by-step process of qualitative content analysis

From: Swedish managers’ experience of yearly staff development dialogues, aiming for employee development, performance, and well-being

Meaning unit Code Subcategory Category
If you know that there will not be any changes, this position will not develop. Because that’s the way it is sometimes Opportunities for development in the company A natural part of the company SDD in a business context
The SDD is a concrete tool for pushing things forward. The purpose is development of the individual as well as the department. So for me, concretisation and clarity are important Instrumental style Manager approach Managers in relation to SDD
I notice a big difference. When I was a new manager, the SDDs were much shorter. The co-workers didn’t know me then. Now they have begun to open up and tell me more about their situation at home, and so on. It’s a confidence that I’m trusted with, and hopefully it will increase Relation between employees and manager Confidence and trust Employees in relation to SDD