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Table 1 SDD template

From: Swedish managers’ experience of yearly staff development dialogues, aiming for employee development, performance, and well-being

1: Theme for the dialogue Managers preparing comments Employees preparing comments Mutual conclusions
Goal achievement/performance and work tasks
The individual goals and tasks, in relation to the goals of the different levels of the organisation
(7 specific questions)
Competence inventory
Activities since previous dialogue
(single question)
Competence and work environment
Opportunities for and initiatives taken to put competence into practice (6 specific questions)
The individual in relation to the vision, mission and values of the organisation
(2 specific questions)
Work-related joy
Leadership, co-operation, communication, collegiality, wellbeing and work-life balance
(7 specific questions)
2: Individual development plan    
A: Baseline—main features of the employees work role/tasks Future challenges Future demands  
B: Goal setting for individual performance Activities Responsible Timeframe
C: Competence development Activities Responsible Timeframe