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Table 2 Test order used at each assessment session

From: Mechanisms of processing speed training and transfer effects across the adult lifespan: protocol of a multi-site cognitive training study

Session 1 Session 2
MoCA (pretest only) Daily Factors Questionnaire
Questionnaires Drawings
 General self-rated health  Simple RT
 General self-efficacy (GSE)  Choice RT (animacy, size)
 Theories of intelligence (TIS)  Switching
 Activities of daily living-prevention instrument (ADL-PI)  Choice RT (size, animacy)
 Cognitive Failures Questionnaire (CFQ)  Dual task
 Questionnaire d’Auto-évaluation de la Mémoire (QAM) Shapes
Daily Factors Questionnaire  Simple RT
Everyday problems test  Choice RT (color, shape)
Matrix reasoning  Switching
Stroop  Choice RT (shape, color)
Continuous reproduction  Dual task
Paper folding Numbers
Simon  Simple RT
Binding  Choice RT (parity, magnitude)
Letter sets  Switching
Go/no-go  Choice RT (magnitude, parity)
Updating  Dual task
  Training review (posttest and follow-up only)
  1. Each assessment session takes approximately 2 h. Both assessment sessions will be administered at pretest, posttest, and follow-up
  2. RT reaction time