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Table 1 Examples of cultural and community engagement (CCE)

From: Community and cultural engagement for people with lived experience of mental health conditions: what are the barriers and enablers?

Type of CCE Example activities
Arts Performing art groups (e.g. music/dance/theatre); visual arts and crafts groups (e.g. textiles/drawing/woodwork/painting/photography/ceramics/sculpture)
Culture and heritage Museums, galleries, exhibitions; theatre, concerts; cinema; festivals, fairs, events; stately homes/buildings; historical sites; landscapes of significance
Libraries and literature Libraries; visiting archives; book clubs, writing groups
Sports and nature activities Visiting parks/gardens; allotments or gardening groups; nature walks or rambling groups; exercise classes; sports club membership; community sporting activity participation; attending amateur/professional sporting events
Volunteering Charitable/conservation volunteering, school/community volunteering
Community groups Education/evening classes; political, trade union or environmental groups; tenant/resident/neighbourhood watch groups; social clubs