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Table 1 Factor loadings from the exploratory factor analysis of the Coping Self-Efficacy Scale-Vietnamese Version (CSES-V)

From: Validation of the coping self-efficacy scale: Vietnamese version for adolescents

Number Item Factor 1
Factor 2
Factor 3
1 Keep from getting down in the dumps 0.61   
2 Talk positively to yourself 0.45   
3 Sort out what can be changed, and what cannot be changed   0.61  
4 Get emotional support from friends and family    0.52
5 Find solutions to your most difficult problems   0.59  
6 Break an upsetting problem down into smaller parts   0.59  
7 Leave options open when things get stressful   0.63  
8 Make a plan of action and follow it when confronted with a problem   0.61  
9 Develop new hobbies or recreations    0.37
10 Take your mind off unpleasant thoughts 0.85   
11 Look for something good in a negative situation 0.54   
12 Keep from feeling sad 0.79   
13 See things from the other person's point of view during a heated argument   0.64  
14 Try other solutions to your problems if your first solutions don’t work   0.68  
15 Stop yourself from being upset by unpleasant thoughts 0.73   
16 Make new friends    0.60
17 Get friends to help you with the things you need    0.73
18 Do something positive for yourself when you are feeling discouraged 0.45   0.35
19 Make unpleasant thoughts go away 0.84   
20 Think about one part of the problem at a time   0.58  
21 Visualize a pleasant activity or place    
22 Keep yourself from feeling lonely 0.49   0.34
23 Pray or meditate    
24 Get emotional support from community organizations or resources    0.55
25 Stand your ground and fight for what you want   0.38  
26 Resist the impulse to act hastily when under pressure   0.36  
  1. Blanks represent factor loading < 0.3