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Table 4 Representative qualitative student responses

From: Mental health and self-determination profiles of the diverse population of medical students in Malaysia during the COVID-19 pandemic

Theme Response
Mental Health “At the end of the day, a lot of the students concerns esp[ecially] mental health are disregarded and dismissed as something we SHOULD be able to adapt and cope with”
COVID-19 Concerns “I feel like medical students' heath was neglected as the clinical practice was still ongoing despite the spike in the cases in Malaysia. I understand the importance of completing the course as soon as possible but somehow we are exposed to a greater risk of being infected”
Communication “Students always try their best to propose suggestions but somehow they are not being considered”
“Even if considerate involvement exists in the system…no further action is taken”
“Should emphasis on every medical student, but not only consider those clinical med student”
Clinical students “The clinical skills learning is greatly impacted by the SOPs. Postponed clinical sessions has led to deteriorating skills, and the current SOPs has made clinical skills learning near impossible…”
“…I finished the entire internal medicine posting in online… I personally have a feel[ing] that I'm not going to be a competent enough in clinical skills when I'm graduating…”