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Table 1 COPSOQ III Questionnaire domains and dimensions

From: Researching the researchers: psychological distress and psychosocial stressors according to career stage in mental health researchers

Domains Dimensions
Demands at work Emotional demands
  Demands for hiding emotions
  Quantitative demands
  Work pace
Work organization and job content Influence at work
  Possibilities for development
  Control over working time
  Meaning of work
Interpersonal relations and leadership Recognition
  Role conflicts
  Role clarity
  Illegitimate tasks
  Quality of leadership
  Social support from supervisor
  Social support from colleagues
  Sense of community at work
Work individual interface (work-life balance) Job insecurity
  Insecurity over working conditions
  Quality of work
  Job satisfaction
  Work-life conflict
Social capital Horizontal trust
  Vertical trust
  Organizational justice
General health Self-rated health