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Table 4 Multivariate analysis: Multinomial regression taking the SOGS categories as the dependent variable

From: Gambling problems among Lebanese adults: Arabic-Language version of the South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS) scale validation and correlates

Variable p aOR 95% CI
Model 1: Having some gambling problems vs no gambling problems*
Problematic alcohol use 0.006 1.19 1.05–1.34
Model 2: Probable pathological gambling vs no gambling problems*
Problematic alcohol use 0.002 1.17 1.06–1.29
Depression 0.002 1.13 1.05–1.21
Gender (females vs males*) 0.001 0.27 0.12–0.57
  1. *Reference group; aOR = adjusted odds ratio; CI = Confidence Interval; variables entered in the model: cigarette dependence, waterpipe dependence, problematic alcohol use, generalized anxiety disorder, depression, education, gender; Nagelkerke pseudo R2 = 20.2%