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Fig. 2

From: Correlates of interpersonal emotion regulation problems in Loss of Control eating (LOC) in youth: study protocol of the combined online and App based questionnaire, laboratory and randomized controlled online intervention i-BEAT trial

Fig. 2Fig. 2

Instruments. Note. (1) The complete DIPS will be conducted after the questionnaire-based screening study 1 and before further participation in either the laboratory study 2 or the online treatment study 3. The DIPS will only be conducted, if participants indicated their interest in either study 2 or study 3. (2) The Weekly Binges Post-Interview (WBQ-Post-Interview) is performed at the measurement point "Post Module 2", see above. (3) The DIPS short version will be conducted again at measurement point "Post Module 2". This short version only checks for disorders that have been identified as prominent in the first DIPS, and does not ask for eating disorder pathology. Note, almost all questionnaires and scales that will be used in i-BEAT study have been validated in German in the past. The respective citations are presented in the list of abbreviations. Only few questionnaires have been developed for the project at hand and are marked as “self-developed”. For a more detailed overview of the instruments, see additional file 1, "Instruments"

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