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Table 2 Subcategories, categories, and themes extracted from interviews

From: Living with singleness: needs and concerns of never-married women over 35

Subcategories Categories Themes
Need for a companion Lack of emotional support Mental-spiritual lack
Need to love and be loved
Striving to be a mother
Fear of permanent celibacy Uncertain future
Fear of unsuccessful marriage in the future
Fear of being an imposition on family members
Psychological insecurity Mental rumination
Incessant never-ending despair
Feeling guilty
Incessant continuous regret
Concerns if meeting sexual needs Sexual worries
Forced to ignore sexual needs
Stigma of being single Adverse effect of culture Reform of culture and society
Stereotypical thinking of people
Failure to provide reproductive health services without judgment
Need to set up partner-finding agencies for singles Being overlooked in society
Need for skills to live alone
Need for financial support
Fear of aging due to disability Aging and loneliness Loneliness arising from disability
Fear of losing fertility
Fear of emerging diseases Sickness and loneliness
Fear of diseases without a supporter