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Table 1 Participant details

From: “Let us define ourselves”: forced migrants’ use of multiple identities as a tactic for social navigation

Participant Gender Age Country of origin
P10 F 29 Congo (DR)
P15 F 25 Congo (DR)
P9 M 23 Congo (DR)
P6 M 35 Congo (DR)
P4 M 27 Ivory Coast
P16 M 29 Ivory Coast
P17 F 32 Ivory Coast
P3 F 37 Sierra Leone
P5 F 40 Sierra Leone
P18 F 36 Sierra Leone
P8 M 39 Rwanda
P19 F 43 Rwanda
P1 M 35 Sudan
P11 M 28 Sudan
P7 M 31 Somalia
P12 F 36 Burkina Faso
P13 M 26 Burkina Faso
P14 M 33 Senegal
P2 M 42 Gambia