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Table 5 Final results of exploratory factor analysis

From: The development of a contextually appropriate measure of psychological distress in Sierra Leone

1 2 3
Item 1: Have you had a poor appetite?    0.57
Item 2: Have you preferred to be alone?    0.47
Item 4: Have you felt frustrated?    0.43
Item 5: Have you felt sad?    0.47
Item 7: Have you had difficulty in falling asleep or sleeping well?    0.59
Item 9: Have you been so stressed that you have been moving around a lot? 0.52   
Item 11: Have you felt worried and afraid of what will happen? 0.56   
Item 12: Have you found that you feel happy, then very quickly feel annoyed or sad? 0.75   
Item 13:Have you felt discouraged?   0.55  
Item 14: Have you felt that you are a failure or have let yourself down?   0.52  
Item15: Have you spent a lot of time thinking about your life? 0.52   
Item 16: Have you felt afraid? 0.53   
Item 17: Have you felt confused? 0.66   
Item 18: Have you stopped doing your normal activities (for example work, farming or college) because you don't feel able to continue? 0.47   
Item 19: Have you lost your temper over small things? 0.40   
Item 21: Have you avoided talking to people?   0.71  
Item 22: Have you felt hopeless?   0.77  
Item 25: Have you felt tired of living   0.61  
  1. Extraction method: principal axis factoring; rotation method: promax with kaiser normalization