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Table 3 Items included in male and female versions of the Function scale

From: The development of a contextually appropriate measure of psychological distress in Sierra Leone

Women Male
1. Cooking for the family
2. Making a living (e.g. trading or job)
3. Laundry
4. Cleaning the house
5. Caring for your family (children, parents, husband)
6. Cleaning the community
7. Cooking for community activities
8. Taking care of yourself (like washing regularly and braiding your hair)
9. Praying
1. Taking care of the family (ensuring their safety, guiding the children and spending time with them)
2. Making a living (like trading, farming, commercial bike riding and building and construction)
3. Helping with difficult household work (like weeding grass, splitting wood)
4. Take part in community work and other community programmes (like cleaning, going to meetings)
5. Take part in community occasions like marriage or funeral
6. Ensuring community protection and security
7. Taking care of yourself (like taking bath regularly and cutting hair)
8. Praying
9. Doing things that you enjoy when you have time (playing football, watching games or movies or visiting loved ones)