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Table 1 Description of the scales in the 32-item Gothenburg Manager Stress Inventory (GMSI)-Mini (n = 2219)

From: Supportive and demanding managerial circumstances and associations with excellent workability: a cross-sectional study of Swedish school principals

Domain and scale names Description of item content (non-verbatim) Number of items Cronbach’s α
Demanding managerial circumstances
Resource deficits Insufficient possibilities to influence the allocation of resources to the organisation. Lacking resources due to the decisions of superiors, politicians or governmental authorities. Not enough resources to cope with peak loads 3 0.79
Organisational control deficits Severe difficulties in implementing the decisions from higher levels in the organisation. Difficulties to follow how decisions are made in the organisation 2 0.73
Role conflicts Conflicts between administrative work, organisational development and co-workers. Not enough time for organisational development. Difficulties in finding time to discuss the daily activities with colleagues 3 0.83
Role demands Demanding responsibilities for (a) performance and quality; (b) personnel; (c) the work environment; and (d) organisational development 4 0.80
Group dynamics Problems with feelings of safety and mutual trust within the co-worker group. Feelings of not knowing what is going on in the co-worker group. Co-workers having trouble accepting the common goals of work 3 0.79
Buffer-function Demands of being a buffer between co-workers and higher levels in the organisation. Demands of having to explain bad or negative decisions that have been made by superiors. Superiors expect that you should be understanding and committed to accept decisions that are bad for you and your organisation 3 0.86
Co-workers Demands on helping co-workers to organize and structure their work. Co-workers structures their work inadequately 2 0.83
Container-function Demands of dealing with co-workers frustrations that work is psychologically challenging. Pressured co-workers burden you with their problems 2 0.87
Supportiveng managerial circumstances
Supportive management Trust that superiors, when needed, will help solving work environment problems for the co-workers. Experiencing that superiors express a genuine interest for the job and the problems I have as a leader 2 0.82
Cooperating co-workers Feelings that co-workers want to take responsibility in their work. Feelings that co-workers have valuable knowledge that make the manager work easier 2 0.76
Supportive manager colleagues Access to proper support from fellow school leader colleagues. Proper possibilities to reflect and discuss organisational issues with fellow school leaders colleagues 2 0.90
Supportive private life The leisure time interests facilitates relaxation from work and associated problems. The leisure time really provides opportunities to rest and relax from work 2 0.87
Supportive organisational structures Clearly defined authority in the work. Clearly defined area of responsibility and task as a leader 2 0.82